Sep 30, 2014 / 10:06

60 golden statues of Saint Giong introduced to mark Liberation Day

The Hanoitimes - Vietnamese Association of Historical Science incoordination with the Vietnamese Buddhist Shangha, and An Ninh Thu Do Newspaper launched opening ceremony casting 60 golden statues of Saint Giong.

Saint Giong, one of Vietnam’s four immortal saints, is the symbol of strength, faith, indomitable will, and national solidarity.
The 60 statues, handmade of gold-plated copper, will each weigh approximately 60 kilograms and stand 80 centimeters high. On the statues will be carved elaborate patterns based on a prototype Saint Giong in Soc Temple in the Soc Son District of Hanoi. All the statues will be made by sculptor Nguyen Kim Xuan. Two of the 60 golden statues of Saint Giong were introduced in Hanoi on Tuesday with the title ‘Thang Long spirit – for peace and prosperity’.
One of the statues will be presented to the Vietnam Fatherland Front, which will conduct an auction to support fishermen. The other will be presented to the Hanoi Museum to be put on display.
A procession of the 60 Saint Giong statues will take place from Soc Temple to Sword Lake and remain on display at the Hanoi Opera House from October 3rd to 5th along with a photo exhibit featuring Hanoi before and now.