May 16, 2019 / 08:29

A Dangerous Approach

The Hanoitimes - The US maximum pressure strategy on Iran together with trade sanctions may result in worse impacts.

One year after having decided to withdraw the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), named for the Iran nuclear deal, US president Donald Trump is now deploying an aircraft carrier along with a bomber squad to the Persian Gulf, just in front of Iran's gate to the world. The US explained this move saying there are evidences indicating possible attack of Iran, or something close to it, on interests of the US or its allies in the region but without showing them. 
Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
In reality, it is another part of Trump's so-called maximum pressure strategy on Iran, together with re-imposing all pre-JCPOA economic and trade sanctions. Trump's strategy is aimed at making troubles to Iran so that this country would collapse or be forced to renegotiate the deal with the US and accept conditions dictated by the US. The unavoidable consequences are that Iran correspondingly retaliate by partly withdrawing from JCPOA and threatening to wholly abandon it. That would mean Iran might resume its nuclear program and the past would become the future in the relationship between the US and Iran.

Trump's approach is very dangerous. It does not help solving but exacerbating all problems and obstacles existing between the US and Iran. Iran would never accept under pressure to negotiate with the US. Therefore the US could not eliminate but only linger the nuclear issue with Iran. Other countries and the whole region would be negatively affected. The Gulf remained a region of instability and insecurity, hostility and violence.

Of greater concerns are possibilities of breaking out war directly between the US and Iran.  Both might further escalate tension and confrontation but are aware of the deadly need to prevent wars because none of them could become the winner while all would certainly be the loser. It would be very serious and dangerous in the way only little misunderstanding or miscalculation might lead one side or the other or both of them to military actions which would easily slip out of control of both and finally resulted in wars. Before this scenario happens, it would be wise and necessary for both to scale down the hostile rhetoric, to pull back military forces now deployed face-to-face, to dialog with each other bilaterally or multilaterally. It it seems now as Trump still insists on doubling down on this dangerous approach to his above-mentioned strategy.