Jan 22, 2020 / 01:40

Amazing annual Tet market selling antiques in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - Some ancient objects of hundreds years old are very time-consuming to find out and collect.

Launched only once a year before Tet holiday, the fair of antiques in Hanoi's Old Quarter provides visitors with a wide range of old-school things which carry the breath of the past with unbelievable prices.

 The antique-like bronze mouse figurine costs around VND3 million (US$129). 

Days before Tet, the annual fair located on Hang Luoc - Hang Ma streets sells various ancient artifacts, bronze products and reproduced antiques which attract several curious visitors.

Thousands of products on shelves to satisfy the diverse demands of customers.

Nhu Hung from Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, inspected all the booths across the fair looking for a clock with a unique shape with classic and high-class design. “I had a collection of clocks at home, all aging over 50 years. I visit this market every year to acquire more rare clocks for my collection,” Hung said.

At a booth selling ancient coins, Pham Hai from Dong Da district, Hanoi, contemplated for a long time and analyzed the age of each coin in a bowl of mess.

"I've studied culture and history all my life and I love walking around this fair every year to look at ancient objects. Despite not buying anything, I feel something special like a nostalgia when I touch some centuries-old artifacts," Hai said.

Mr.Ngoc with 20-year- experience in selling things, either antiques or the reproductions of them, at the ancient market said that he does the business for passion, not profit. Some ancient objects of hundreds years old are very time-consuming to find out and collect. He is at the market to look for for like-minded companions.  

 A booth sells antiques and reproduces antiques at Hang Luoc street. 

 The old-school calculator. 

 Bac and his daughter visit a booth and inspect some special products. 

 VND10,000 (US$0.43) banknotes, which were taken out of circulation years ago, are sold at the market. 

 One of the most visit booth with numerous antiques including the huge disk player costing around VND25 million (US$1,077). 

As the rat is the zodiac of this year, its figurines are more preferred.  

 Ancient clocks attract a number of visitors. 

Photo by Tuoi Tre newspaper