Jan 24, 2019 / 10:40

Amazing beauty of Da Dia Rapids

The Hanoitimes - With its unique beauty, Da Dia Rapids has become a destination that visitors should not missed when visiting Phu Yen.

Da Dia Rapids, a great natural beauty of Phu Yen province, would attract anyone who first comes to this place.

Along the coast of central Vietnam, there are many beautiful rock rapids, such as Bang rapids (Da Nang), Ban Than rapids (Quang Nam), Rạng rapids (Binh Dinh) but probably the most impressive is Da Dia Rapids (also known as Da Dia) in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. It is considered the masterpiece of stone that the nature has generously given to this land.

Da Dia Rapids has gorgeous scenery created by the immense sea and eye-catching large rock formations which vary in shape. With an area of about 2 square kilometers, it is estimated that up to 35,000 hexagonal or pentagonal and cylindrical pillars neatly are arranged side by side giving way to imagination about any magical binder under the column. Prismatic stones are stacked neatly together as if they were arranged by the Creator.

According to scientists, Da Dia Rapids was formed by volcanic eruptions, as the lava flowed into the sea, got cooled down by sea water and froze into lumpy, multi-dimensional lava blocks creating this beautiful picture. From above, the giant rock rapids with hexagonal shape, tied together in the shape of a giant bee wax that was made in a perfect and solid construction. Another story says that the huge prismatic rocks are skillfully stacked on each other by a giant deity. However, this natural wonder has a mythical tale of a treasure being turned into rocks.

At noon, as the sun shines into the sea, thanks to the interference of light and the reflected rays of light make the rapids look like many black diamond sparkle.

Coming to Da Dia Rapids, visitors will see pictures of the basket boats lying on their rocks. The little basket boats driven by skillful local people symbolize  the gentle life of this land. Next to Da Dia Rapids is a 3km long white sand beach, which is ideal for swimming and sun bathing.

Visitors could combine the visit to Da Dia with calling at Mang Lang church, touring the peaceful villages, and enjoying the moment of relaxation and comfort.
With its unique beauty, Da Dia Rapids has become a destination that visitors should not missed when visiting Phu Yen.