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Amazing event calendar for your weekend in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - Find the perfect events to experience in Hanoi this weekend, from film screening, music performance to talking shops.

Film Screening “August at Akiko’s”
Film Screening “August at Akiko’s”.
Film Screening “August at Akiko’s”.
Manzi Art Space is  pleased to present ‘August at Akiko’s’ – a feature film by Hawaiian director Christopher Makoto Yogi.
Shot in pastoral countrysides of the Big Island of Hawai‘i, “August at Akiko’s” is a quiet film filled with deep undercurrents of history and mythology. Capturing the daily lives of a tight-knit community of locals, the film immerses the viewer in the shape-shifting landscape of a place we all think we know, but really know little about: Hawaii.
Time: Friday March 1 at 8:00 pm
Venue: Manzi Art Space, 14 Phan Huy Ich, Hanoi
Electronic Music and Performance Workshop

Electronic Music and Performance Workshop
Electronic Music and Performance Workshop
Berlin-based sound artist, composer and experimental turntablist Ignaz Schick will visit his colleagues and friends, players, performers, composers from the “highly unique Vietnamese experimental music scene” (Ignaz). The meeting will freature a workshop with rehearsals, discussions and performances including both compositions and improvisations by the invited participants.
Ignaz Schick visited Hanoi two years ago during his extended research trip through various South East Asian countries. He met well-known artists from the local scenes, gave a workshop with young local musicians, and premiered a graphic score piece written especially for traditional, modern and even self-built instruments. The collaboration was so promising that the Berlin Arts Council could be convinced to support a second travel. For reasons of continuity Schick has invited the same musicians from last time but also added a few new faces.
Besides Ignaz Schick the following musicians have been invited: Nguyen Thuy Dung (Dan Tranh), Nguyen Thu Thuy (Pipa), Pham Thi Tam (Objects), Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (Objects), Nguyen Hai Duy (Electronics), Kim Ngoc Tran (Voice), Ngo Tra My (Dan Bau), Nguyen Xuan Son (Percussion), Giang Hong Nguyen (live-electronics) & Vu Nhat Tan (piano).
Time: Sunday March 3 at 8:00 pm
Venue: Goethe Institut, 56 - 58 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
HS-Talk 2019 #1: Finding the Soul of Cities

HS-Talk 2019 #1: Finding the Soul of Cities
HS-Talk 2019 #1: Finding the Soul of Cities
Opening up the intellectual, multidisciplinary talk series (HS-Talk) in 2019, Heritage Space presents “FINDING THE SOUL OF CITIES” – a presentation & discussion with associate professor Pham Thuy Loan. The event will be facilitated by Dang Hoang Giang, PhD.
With Vietnam becoming richer and richer in terms of material wealth, its cities having more buildings, cars, malls, the suffocating, tired, lost feeling seems even more pronounced in its residents. Our big cities are at risk of losing connections. Connections with the environment, history, society, and ourselves. Becoming a jungle of glass, steel and concrete, we are losing our souls.
How to retain these connections, to restore and heal the soul of the city? What are the spaces that are capable of providing safety, warmth and happiness? These are the essential questions to developing our resilience and to building for ourselves and generations after worth-living urban spaces. Reading Circle and Heritage Space would like to invite you to find the answers with our guest speaker, associate professor Pham Thuy Loan.
Time: Saturday March 2 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Venue: Heritage Space Library, 1st floor, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang / 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh 2, Hanoi
Discussion “City of Bicycles, Motorbikes or Cars?”

Discussion “City of Bicycles, Motorbikes or Cars?”
Discussion “City of Bicycles, Motorbikes or Cars?”
You are invited to the talk show: “City of Bicycles, Motorbikes or Cars?” with the participation of:
– Representative of Hanoi Public Transport Management and Operation Center
– Representative of Association of Architects of Hanoi
– Representative of public transport projects and and cycling groups in Hanoi
Transport remains one of the main sources of air pollution in major cities in Vietnam. More vehicles equals to more pollution. 2015 statistics said that Hanoi had 7 millions citizens yet more than 5 millions motorbikes and 500 thousands cars, not including 1,2 millions vehicles from other provinces also travel in the city on a regular basis. What is the current situation of means of transport in Vietnam? What are the “green transport” programs being implemented around the world?
Time: Saturday March 2 at 2:00 pm
Venue: L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien, Hanoi