Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019
Sunday, 21 Jul 2019, 16:31
The EU would still need more time to solve its own problems before returning to the role and influence it once had on the world stage.
Wednesday, 17 Jul 2019, 13:57
Both sides are taking care about keeping chances and possibilities to scale down their confrontation.
Thursday, 11 Jul 2019, 16:37
Now US President Donald Trump's anger over the UK seems to be limitless.
Monday, 08 Jul 2019, 16:06
Nobody thinks about installing the best candidates in the best interest of the EU but only cared about its own interests.
Friday, 05 Jul 2019, 08:47
From now on there is no return to the past for Mr. Trump, Mr. Kim Jong-un and Mr. Moon Jae-in any more.
Sunday, 30 Jun 2019, 13:19
Except some small details, this agreement looks similar to what the two men had reached last year in Argentina, also on the sidelines of the then G20 annual summit.
Saturday, 29 Jun 2019, 18:12
The encounter was of very positive significance that they met with each other again.
Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019, 13:15
After a not short standstill, the bargaining between the US and China will start again.
Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019, 09:20
In showing to the outside, both the US and Iran have been insisting that they did not want war against each other but all determined to respond to the other's provocations with the same toughness by the same weapons.
Friday, 21 Jun 2019, 08:52
The dimension in the case of India is not comparable to that in the case of China, but it is the same game the US is now playing with China and India.
Thursday, 20 Jun 2019, 08:20
This year in Osaka, it will still be another summit of China, India and Russia on the sidelines of G20.
Monday, 17 Jun 2019, 10:38
They could not succeed because they were not fully selfless, the US and Iran are still miles away from being ready to sit down and talk with each other about scaling down the tension and solving the conflict.
Monday, 17 Jun 2019, 07:52
Ironically for the US, the more problems the US caused to Russia and China, the closer and stronger the relationship between Russia and China would become.
Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019, 16:36
"Today’s generation benefits from those who have gone before us, and who took risks, not just in diplomacy, but also in trade, in economics, and in countless other fields.”
Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019, 01:10
Possibly, like last year in Argentina, Trump and Xi would meet in private, talk to each other and reach new agreements and solve the dispute or at least to reactivate their bilateral trade talks.
Friday, 10 May 2019, 10:44
Russia, South Korea and Japan would like the peace talks between the US and North Korea to go on, and tried to push it because a detente between the US and North Korea as well as denuclearization of the Korean peninsula serve their strategic long-term interests.
Wednesday, 08 May 2019, 10:48
Trump's announcement surprised the world.
Friday, 03 May 2019, 16:12
The big question is whether the "new monarchs" automatically lead to a "new era" in Japan and Thailand?
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