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Vietnam and China have firm basis to enhance their relationship: Chinese diplomat

Updated at Saturday, 14 Apr 2018, 10:15
The Hanoitimes - Vietnam is a close neighbor that China always considers important to develop relations, Chargé d`affaires ad interim of the Chinese Embassy Yin Haihong confirmed at a press meeting on April 13.
The meeting was about China's domestic and foreign policy after the 13th National People’s Congress and the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. (“The National Two Meetings”) as well as prospect of Vietnam-China relation.
The press meeting's overview
The press meeting's overview

At the event, Yin emphasized that China's "National Two Meetings" this year are meaningful in this era, in terms of strengthening the leadership of the Party, the people's democracy and the rule of law. On foreign policy, Yin Haihong informed that the new constitution increased the content of diplomacy, emphasizing three main points: to persevere on the path of peaceful development, to adhere to the opening-up strategy for mutual benefit, and to promote the building of a Community of Common Destiny.
According to Yin Haihong, China always pays attention to developing relations with Vietnam, which is demonstrated by the fact that Vietnam was the first country Party Secretary General, President Xi Jinping has visited since the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the recent visit to Vietnam by State Councilor, Foreign Minister Wang Yi.
The two figures in 2017 show that Vietnam and China look forward to and have a firm basis for reinforcing mutual relationship. First, two-way trade turnover in 2017 reached US$100 billion, while China has been a major trading partner of Vietnam for years. Second, the number of people crossing the border between the two countries reached 10 million.
Continuing these achievements, Vietnam and China need to promote cross-border cooperation, bringing benefits to the people of the two countries. Relevant ministries and agencies of the two countries are urgently making connections and promoting discussions on specific cooperation in economy, trade, investment, tourism, military affairs, law enforcement and science-technology, said Yin Haihong.
Responding to reporters on the priorities of bilateral relations in 2018, Yin Haihong said that Vietnam and China continued to maintain strategic exchanges between the two countries' leaders. In addition to traditional cooperations such as those of the party channel, the military, commerce and law enforcement, the two sides will expand cooperation in investment, culture, tourism, people-to-people exchange and the field of press.
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