Jul 03, 2019 / 17:11

Anti-US war reminiscence exhibition opens in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee has approved a plan to organized many activities to mark the 20th anniversary of the city’s recognition as City for Peace by the UNESCO.

An exhibition with theme “Diary of Peace” was opened at Hoa Lo Prison Historical Relic Site in Hanoi on July 2, An Ninh Thu Do reported.
Anti-US war reminiscence exhibition opened in Hanoi.
Anti-US war reminiscence exhibition opened in Hanoi.
The event was part of the activities to mark the UNESCO's recognition of Hanoi as a City for Peace (July 16, 1999 – 2019) and celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (August 5, 1964 – 2019).
The exhibition is divided into three thematic areas, including Escalation of the War, Aspiration for Peace, and Message for Tomorrow. The event recalls the Vietnamese people’s resistance war against the US for national independence during the 1954 – 1975 period.
Via many documents, photos, objects and newspapers, the event also highlights the solidarity among peace-loving people around the world who surpassed the geographical, linguistic, and religious distances to raise their voices against the American war in Vietnam
Through this exhibition, domestic and foreign visitors have a chance to see how people from France, the US, Japan, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos marched in demonstrations in support for the Vietnamese revolution.
At the opening ceremony, many people donated photos, documents and artifacts to the Management Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relic Site to serve research purposes and to be put on display.
On this occasion, the organizing board, in collaboration with several people and organizations, presented gifts to Agent Orange victims at Vietnam Friendship Village in Hoai Duc district, Hanoi.
The exhibition will last until late 2019.