Jul 13, 2017 / 10:00

Applying international experiences for climate change response in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - According to Official Letter 3251/UBND-DT dated on July 5, the Hanoi People’s Committee requests relevant agencies, units and sectors to implement conclusion of the Prime Minister at the 8th session of National Committee for Climate Change Response.

This is city’s effort to realize the instruction of PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the 8th session of National Committee for Climate Change stated in Announcement 278/TB-VPCP dated June 22, 2017 of the Government’s Office. Accordingly, it focuses on following contents:

Further improving the awareness on climate change of the people, agencies at all levels and sectors; seizing the opportunity, reducing the risk and negative effort of climate change; conducting popularization and education, selecting traditional experiences of the people and localities; summing up, assessing and applying international experiences for climate change response in Vietnam;


Reviewing, amending, supplementing and completing policies, mechanism and legal frame on climate change response;

Increasing supervision, and checking the implementation of policies and laws on climate change, assessing targets and goals on responding to climate change;

Further researching and assessing the effect of climate change in each area and locality; researching the landslide in riverside, coastal and mountainous areas, thus giving timely measures; reviewing, amending, supplementing current planning schemes, and building new relevant ones, such as general planning on developing economy and society, construction, urban, water irrigation, agriculture production, and population on the principle of integrating climate change factors. Priority is given to urgent issues, Mekong Delta and coastal area in the Central of Vietnam;

Further changing structure of the economy and restructuring the economy towards climate change adaptation and less carbon emission; enhancing research, developing new energies, technologies and measures to save energies and use natural resources efficiently.

In response to the document, the Hanoi People’s Committee assigns Department of Natural Resources and Environment in cooperation with relevant departments to study the PM’s instruction in Announcement 278/TB-VPCP dated June 22, 2017, and give proposal to the People’s Committee.