Aug 27, 2018 / 10:08

Beating China, Vietnam gains ABU Robocon 2018 crown

The Hanoitimes - Vietnam has become the most successful in the competition`s history and this is Vietam`s first victory after three times hosting the contest.

The Vietnamese team triumphed at the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon) 2018 after beating China, in the final on Sunday.
The Vietnamese team 2 at this year's ABU Robocon. Photo: VTV
The Vietnamese team 2 at this year's ABU Robocon. Photo: VTV
Nineteen teams from 18 countries and territories competed in the ABU Robocon 2018 held in Ninh Binh city of Vietnam. Vietnam’s representatives are Lac Hong University, including LH - ATM (Vietnam 1) and LH - GALAXY (Vietnam 2) participated in the international round.

This year's contest has the theme of “Nem con” (Throwing ball), based on the folk game of ethnic people in Vietnam's Northwest. The groups will control the robot and throw the ball automatically through the circles on the field. The team who throws the yellow ball through the ring and peas on the tray will be the winner.

The Chinese team made the first turn but failed the goal, Vietnamese team 2 threw in the second turn and succeeded. Vietnamese team 1 failed in the quarterfinals when competing against the Japanese team. In the end, Vietnamese team 2 won the ABU Robocon 2018 championship.

The LH - GALAXY won convincingly in the final round with speed racing.

With the victory of the LH - GALAXY, this is the first time Vietnam won the championship after three times hosting the contest.

Mongolia will host the ABU Robocon 2019.