Sep 24, 2018 / 23:15

Canadian PM celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

The Hanoitimes - PM Justin Trudeau has sent some words to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, Japan, Korea and China.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today issued the following statement on the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
"Tonight, we join Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese communities in Canada and around the world to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Friends and families will gather to give thanks for the harvest and the year's successes. A full moon will shine over the festivities, symbolizing unity and prosperity," he said.
"As we mark the Mid-Autumn Festival, we are reminded of Canada's rich diversity. Our country is prosperous and strong because we celebrate and find unity in our differences".
"Today, let us honour the many communities that mark this day – and make Canada such a wonderful place to live", the Canadian Prime Minister said.