Feb 04, 2018 / 07:54

Consumption of E5 bio-fuel accounts for some 65% of total petrol sales

The Hanoitimes - The number of local consumers using E5 has been increasing rapidly though the bio-fuel has been put into use nation-wide for just nearly a month.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said during a regular government meeting on February 2 that the use of the fuel in several cities and provinces even tripled against last year.
 The sale of E5 at PV Oil stations reached 600-650cu.m per day
The sale of E5 at PV Oil stations reached 600-650cu.m per day
The total amount of E5 sold in some cities and provinces currently accounts for up to 80% of the localities’ total petrol sales, Hai said, adding that the average rate nation-wide is some 60-65%.
“I believe that the use of E5 fuel will continue rising next time when the awareness of local consumers about the fuel improves and they feel more familiar with it,” Hai said, adding besides raising consumers’ awareness on the fuel, it is necessary to enhance the market management to ensure the fuel’s quality and prevent trade frauds.
According to PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil), the sale of E5 at its stations reached 600-650cu.m per day, increasing 2.5 times against last year and accounting for 70% of its total petrol sales.
PVOil said that all of its stations have replaced RON 92 with E5 bio-fuel since the beginning of the year.
The corporation has 11 E5 mixing stations that are operating well and is investing in other such facilities. It has ensured stable supply of E5 to its retail network of 540 petrol fuel stations and more than 3,000 agencies.
According to a Prime Minister’s decision, E5 fuel, which is a mix of A92 petrol (95%) and bio-fuel ethanol (5%), has been officially traded nation-wide to replace RON 92 since January 1, this year.
However, a number of motorbike owners are still unsure if the new E5 fuel being sold nationwide suits their vehicles. They therefore have opted not to buy the cheaper E5 fuel but the more expensive A95 petrol. Currently, E5 is priced at some VND18,670 per liter, compared with VND20,850 of A95 petrol.
A customer in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district said that she was used to buying RON 92. Since it is not available, she was spending more money on A95 because she was not sure if the new E5 bio-fuel would suit her old motorbike.
Le Minh Tuan of Ho Chi Minh City’s Phu Nhuan district said there was little information about E5 and people were still waiting to know which vehicles could use the fuel.
Even the staff at petrol stations had little information to convey, expect saying it was more environmentally friendly.
The Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City said it has taken steps to encourage people to use E5.
Department spokesman Vo Le Bich Dong said they would cooperate with the Ministry of Information and Communications as well as the media to improve awareness of E5. He noted that traders thought that they should be given tax exemptions for selling the fuel.
In Ho Chi Minh City, all 534 petrol stations have stopped selling RON 92, replacing it with the E5 fuel.
Phan Thi Viet Thu, Vice Chairwoman of the Ho Chi Minh City Consumers Protection Association, said the authorities should provide information to customers on E5 standards, quality and benefits. They should also enhance inspections and monitoring of E5 quality, she said.
The trade ministry has asked departments of industry and trade to step up supervision of petrol traders, distributors, wholesalers and petrol stations.
Deputy Trade Minister Hoang Quoc Vuong has directed localities and agencies to strictly punish those still selling RON 92.