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Duong Lam Ancient Village: The land of two kings

The Hanoitimes - The village is about 50km away from the center of Hanoi capital, in the town of Son Tay. It is a famous tourist site of Hanoi in specifically, and Vietnam generally.

"Ripe rice season" tour in Duong Lam.
"Ripe rice season" tour in Duong Lam.
Duong Lam is also known as the land of two kings, as it is the home of Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen, two national heroes who had the courage to cast off the invaders in the 8th and 10th centuries. This is also the hometown of the emperor Giang Van Minh, the brilliant diplomat (late 16th century), who bravely sacrificed himself to go to foreign to preserve the nation.
Duong Lam still preserves most of the basic features of a traditional Vietnamese village with village gates, banyan trees, water landing and so on. The old houses covered with moss from the 17th - 18th century, has yard, garden, wells, located along the roads that are arranged in the shape of fish bone.
The house in Duong Lam is built with traditional materials of Doai village, such as: bee stone (to make the house be cool in the summer, vice versa warm in the winter), bamboo, banana, clay, husk, mud, sand, straw and so on. The house is arranged according to the structure of 5 rows of columns, including 5 rooms or 7 rooms divided into two zones. The house roofed in the shape of kites, roof tiles are knit together look likes dragon scales. The roofed roof has engraved the date and, door arch is engraved many decorative patterns meticulously. The middle section normally occupies the most area, where the layout of the ancestors worship board with the horizontal phonograph, parallel sentences, ancient paintings. The bottom of the church set the counter and couch to sit. On the table is a green tea teapot to invite guests or a bowl, bamboo tube to smoke pipe.
In addition to the old houses, Duong Lam also has a system of churches, pagodas, communal houses, pagodas, and lively environment with 36 hills; 18 deep inert; 49 ponds and lakes, ponds; dozens of old trees. The fields, mounds and hills in Duong Lam always attract tourists on the ripe rice season comes or the early seasons of corn and rice that the field is all green color.

Duong Lam Ancient Village: The land of two kings.
Duong Lam Ancient Village: The land of two kings.
Go to Lam, visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy or buy typical handmade product such as spinning meat, donuts, rice, blue tea, candy peanuts, sesame candy, soy sauce and so on.
On 28/11/2005, the ancient village Duong Lam has been classified by the State as the National Artistic Monument. This is the first village in the nation ranked national monument.
To serve the needs of visitors visiting Duong Lam, the Tourist Information Office of Duong Lam ancient village organized tours such as: "Ripe Rice season " tour, historical-cultural relics, tour of ancient architecture tour, agricultural experience tours (harvest vegetables - fruits - fish - grilled fish, rice. Tea harvest), traditional experience tour (cooking candy peanuts, sesame candy, making bread and so on).