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Opinions on hotel's building by Hoan Kiem Lake: Reserve not to ruin the soul

Updated at Friday, 30 Dec 2016, 14:22
The Hanoitimes - Many concerns about the decision of Hanoi People’s Committee on approving a construction project of hotel at 22 - 32 Le Thai To, Hoan Kiem district, indeed, time gone by, city architecture always faces changes, could not persist the old insight.
Many concerns about the decision of Hanoi People’s Committee on approving a construction project of hotel at 22 - 32 Le Thai To, Hoan Kiem district, indeed, time gone by, city architecture always faces changes, could not persist the old insight.
Dr. Professor. Architect Hoang Dao Kinh said “Building a hotel which could solve concerns from architecture experts basically became an inevitable trend, not surprisingly. What can be remarked, the harmony between new construction works and the already existed, which honor the landscape and soul or Hoan Kiem Lake”.
Success in improvement
According to Vice Chairman of Hanoi Urban Planning and Development Association, former Chief Architect, Dr. Dao Ngoc Nghiem, the master planning of Hoan Kiem Lake and surrounding area was approved in 1996 and temporary management charters of this area was implemented, there were many projects of renovating and building successfully, used a large groups of design consulting resources as the Shark building, Long Van Hong Van, Hoan Kiem information center and previously, renovated Four seasons area, Hacinco Building, etc.
Most of those buildings meet the targets functioned as an administrative and political center of Hanoi, besides offered a commercial center, a historical landscape and relics.

The Hoan Kiem Lake
The Hoan Kiem Lake
Given the fact that the renovation of some buildings around Hoan Kiem Lake is an inevitable trend to find harmony to Hoan Kiem Lake for the development of landscape architecture space with traditional and French philosophy, modern and postmodern style.
"We should not surprise if some project or proposals of construction improvement around Hoan Kiem Lake occur, there were much work done and successfully. Based on historic research results and sound opinions of public opinion about the works around Hoan Kiem Lake, many buildings were created harmoniously with the Vietnamese soul of Hoan Kiem Lake” he emphasized.
According to experts, from research that the renovation of Intimex supermarket at 22 - 32 Le Thai To is a must-do work. However, the biggest challenge is to find a solution as to how to harmony with the surroundings while keeping the value of the existing and new developed buildings, meeting modern demands, improving standard of living.
The World ''Washington Charter” that Vietnam participated also affirmed" the renovation to match the master planning is an indispensable requirement but what more important is to harmonize different values".
Deputy Chairman of Vietnam Architect Association, Architect Ngo Doan Duc agreed that it could not resist the old one, but it is necessary to find scientific solution to build and renovate. If the old buildings are deteriorated, we should try to find technological solutions to reserve besides rebuild. The issue is finding solutions, selecting consultant capability and announcing proposed architecture plans called for individuals with deeply caring and capability.
“Asking Experts”
According to Vice Chairman of Vietnam Architects Association, Architect Nguyen Quoc Thong, there are many positive responses from investors after analyzing expert opinions. They find it useful and exploitable from the opinions Vietnam Architects Association, as the outlined new plans are preliminary, not a final one. Regarding architectural aspect, investors said that current design could not describe value of the old architecture enough; it should be receptive to conservation and embellishment, continually and not diminishingly.
They also found that if we know the way to develop other values effectively it will increase cultural values ​​for new projects, instead of entirely new, and we should strictly comply with architectural regulations of Hoan Kiem Lake.
As a well-experienced expert in conservation and restoration of monuments, heritage and urban architecture, Dr. Professor. Architect Hoang Dao Kinh highlighted that the architectural façade drawings of 3-star hotel, at the first glance seemed nice but it really was complicated, not matching its western philosophy.
What is the best, it is required to restore and reserve building blocks around Hoan Kiem Lake. The facade must retain two-story structure which was very familiar and its external architecture should be restored as those of the old Opera House.
However, internal architecture could be renovated in accordance with new demands. Do not change the facade and should not raise a 3-floor building, but keep two-storey original architectural features. Obviously, its appearance is valuable and typical in terms of urban architecture of Hoan Kiem Lake.
As for the hotel, its front must match the city architectural form while its behind could change flexibly.  It might be modern but not too bulky and ugly. Otherwise, its architecture will swallow the front, turn into an inanimate model.
Translated by Anh Dat
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