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Hanoi to realize Regulation on electricity management and development

Updated at Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 16:39
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee released Decision No.11/2018/QD-UBND dated on issuing Regulation on electricity management and development in the Capital city.
The Regulation aims to stipulate how to manage the implementation of planning, investment, construction and development of electrical works in Hanoi, as well as responsibilities of relevant agencies, organizations and individuals in power management and development according to the approved planning, while maintaining progress, quality, safety and efficiency.
It is applied for the departments, agencies and sectors under the Municipal People’s Committee, People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns, investors of electrical works, organizations and individuals dealing with management, investment, construction of electrical works in Hanoi. They must comply with the Regulation and follow other related regulations according to the law.
Hanoi to realize Regulation on electricity management and development
Hanoi to realize Regulation on electricity management and development
The Planning on power development is implemented comprehensively in association with the general planning on capital development. For transformer stations and power lines which are not included in the Planning on power development yet, the Department of Industry and Trade is responsible for summing up the information and reporting to the Municipal People’s Committee and Ministry of Industry and Trade, so that the latter will consider and supplement or amend the Planning accordingly.
The People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns are in charge of allocating land fund for power works to serve demand of the people according to the approved Planning on power development.
Investors of the power works are responsible for proactively cooperating with People’s Committee at district level and People’s Committee at commune level where land is withdrawn to conduct inspection, measure, make detail plan on compensation, support and resettlement for each organization, household and individual whose houses and lands are located in project area according to regulation.
Competent People’s Committee is in charge of clearing site and handing over land to investors of power works according to planning, if the project is approved by competent authorities according to the planning.
The Department of Industry and Trade is responsible for following tasks:
Summing up information, acting as advisor to the Hanoi People’s Committee to manage and implement the planning, investment and construction of power system in Hanoi; giving guidance, supervising and checking implementation of the approved planning and plan on power development; summing up information, assessing result and effect of the planning on power development periodically and annually, and reporting to the Ministry of Industry and Trade;
Performing the task of state management on quality of construction work; checking the reception of power works, checking power safety according to its authority and legal regulation; organizing training and popularizing regulations of the laws on managing power development investment and planning in Hanoi;
Conducting examination, urging investors to realize investment and construction of electrical works according to the approved planning and ensure safe, stable supply of power for social, economic development of Hanoi; conducting verification, design, cost estimation to build transformer stations and power lines according to legal regulations.
This Decision takes effect since May 19, 2018.
Trung Kien
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