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90% of respondents willing to use urban railways in Hanoi: Survey

Updated at Thursday, 27 Sep 2018, 10:39
The Hanoitimes - Propaganda is an important task in the process of bringing the Cat Linh Ha Dong urban railway line into operation, in order to facilitate the people to accept and use it.
More than 90% of respondents said they were willing to use a Hanoi urban railway route that will be put into operation as early as next year, a recent survey by the Asian Development Bank has shown.
90% of respondents want to use urban railway. Photo:
90% of respondents want to use urban railway. Photo:
The survey results were announced at the seminar titled “Propagation on the use urban railway in Hanoi” by Hanoi Railway Transport Limited Company, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in coordination with the Economic and Urban newspaper held on September 26.
ADB’s Communications Specialist Nguyen To Tran said that the main reason that encourages people to use urban railways is to avoid traffic jam, save traveling time.
Also according to the survey, most people also want supermarkets, ATMs, fast food stores, vending machines to be installed in the urban railway area.
Based on these results, one of the outputs of the project is the newsletter that proactively provides condensed information about the project, which is interested in by domestic and foreign journalists, quoted in other newspapers. More than 20,000 followers regularly visit and interact with Facebook page run by the management board of the Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway project after one year of lauching.
Analyzing the modes of communication for urban railway projects, Nguyen To Tran from ADB said that since 2016-2017, there has been a spate of negative information about urban rail projects, meanwhile, the benefits of urban railways have not been widely propagated to the people.
“The important issues to guarantee sustainable development of urban railway projects is the effective communication process and opportunities to boost non-ticket revenues,” Tran emphasized.
According to the specialist, to support propaganda work for the project, ADB has coordinated the use of social network and the development of branding strategies based on market surveys, advertising and business strategies and retail sales, customer care training, capacity building for communication and public relations for related departments.
On his side, ADB's Team Leader for Communication, Knowledge and External Partnerships in Southeast Asia, Jason Rush said that propaganda is an important task in the process of bringing the Cat Linh Ha Dong urban railway line into operation, in order to facilitate the people to accept and use it.
According to Jason Rush, Hanoi has two urban railway projects under construction, including line 2A from Cat Linh to Ha Dong and line 3 from Nhon to Hanoi Railway Station section supported by ADB and the French government. These two projects are expected to help change the appearance of Hanoi urban railway.
As the urban railway will provide more transportation options besides other means of public transport, contributing to reducing traffic congestion and improving the quality of life by reducing personal transport and air pollution.
This is the first time a government agency has dedicated a department to the project propaganda. In the technical support package, ADB also launched strategies for advertising and increased revenue besides the tickets, including marketing, branding for the project, contributing to creating a professional and friendly image of Hanoi's urban railway system in the future, said Jason Rush.
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