Dec 28, 2020 / 14:46

Entrepreneurs and their responsibility to build a strong country

The Hanoitimes - Mr. Nguyen Dang - General Secretary of Hanoi Young Business Association told Hanoitimes when talking about the role and mission of businesses and entrepreneurs in the country's construction.

Vietnamese entrepreneurs have made great efforts to promote business, providing hi-quality services and products to the society over the past few years, General Secretary of Hanoi Young Business Association Nguyen Dang talked with Hanoitimes about the entrepreneurs' key role in country’s socio-economic development, creating jobs and contributing to ensuring social welfare.

Leaders of Hanoi Young Business Association congratulate new members/ Photo: Khac Kien.

Seventy five years ago, in 1945, President Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter to the Vietnamese business community to state clearly the important role of the Industry and Trade and the close relationship between the prosperity of enterprises and the development of the country. More than 7 decades have passed, what is your view on the development of Vietnamese business community?

As President Ho Chi Minh expected, Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs are now developing in both quantity and quality. In terms of quantity, about 700,000 enterprises are operating in the country. In terms of quality, our businesses can compete fairly with large businesses and corporations in the region and the world.

For the past decade, we have seen  entrepreneurs who have set up a global corporation with tens of thousands of employees and generating revenues up to billions of dollars. We have also  witnessed the birth of  leading companies in the fields of technology, agriculture, finance, banking, aviation, retail and even high-tech manufacture such as smartphones and automobiles. Nowadays, there are many domestic contractors who are capable of implementing large-scale projects just as any foreign corporations.

From there, seeing  the maturity and growth of Vietnamese entrepreneus, we can believe in a bright future of Vietnamese business community in the country's development. With intelligence, flexibility, and adaptability to the environment and the market, Vietnamese entrepreneurs will represent a breakthrough in the digital era with unprecedented opportunities.

What is your opinion about the role and mission of the current Vietnamese entrepreneurs as well as their responsibility in  the country’s development?

Enterprises and entrepreneurs are the core  and the pioneer in economic development. Therefore, the development and growth of entrepreneurs and businesses will directly affect the economic development of the country. Over the past years, Vietnamese businesses have striven  not only to make profit for themselves, but also provide good services and products to the society, pay taxes, and create jobs, contributing to ensuring social welfare. There are increasing  political and social participation of entrepreneurs, contributing a significant part to the development of the country.

Over the past years, we have a new generation of entrepreneurs with the desire to enrich the country and reach out to the world. Many businesses have invested in foreign markets, bringing benefits to the host country and contributing to beautify the image of the country and people of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.

 Photo: Khac Vien

As you said, Vietnam already has top businessmen, equally competitive with those in the world, but it seems that this number is still very small?

Our country waged many wars against foreign invasion. Since 1975, we have had 45 years of building   the country and developing the economy. It is true that the number of leading businessmen who are able to compete equally with the world’s market is still small. But now, there are Vietnamese enterprises leading  each industry and economic sector of the country. This fact proved the great efforts and serves as recognition of the remarkable achievements that Vietnamese entrepreneurs  and businesses have  achieved, thanks to the support the Government, ministries, and authorities at all levels.

According to you, in the innovation period, what should businesses and entrepreneurs do to meet the requirements of innovation, creativity and growth?

We have just ratified the free trade agreements (FTAs) with the European Union  as well as signed a number of  free trade agreements previously. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to  expand markets and approach consumers in the near future.

This opportunity also comes hand in hand with the challenge and  Vietnamese businessmen should be  brave and  and smart to cope with it. If they cannot adapt to the constantly changing business environment, they will be affected first and most seriously.

In addition, as we know, over the past time, climate change, more diseases , technological development, the booming of social networks as well as changing users’ behavior.Enterprises that can adapt and take advantage of the opportunity to change and serve consumers the best will thrive.

Besides, the application of digital platforms is also an urgent need that Vietnamese enterprises must do, especially  during the Covid-19 time, as people  can work from  home without going to the office.

Going online and digitization will be indispensable trends And  hopefully, Vietnamese entrepreneurs will soon adapt and develop the country's current advantages to growth strongly.