Jul 11, 2019 / 16:22

French museum displays first Southeast Asian contemporary work made by Vietnamese artists

The Hanoitimes - “Borderline” represents Vietnamese vitality and handicraft in a contemporary look.

A piece of art from Vietnam has become the first Southeast Asian contemporary work showcased in Musée Guimet, France’s leading ancient Asian art museum. 
Borderline artwork. Photo: Elledecoration
Borderline artwork. Photo: Elledecoration
“Borderline” – a handicraft work made in exclusive partnership between Vietnamese-born French actress, artist, and producer Tran Nu Yen Khe and Hanoia haute lacquer house, a report from the Vietnam Television (VTV) showed. 

This is the first contemporary work from Southeast Asia to be accepted into Guimet’s collection, honoring the master craftsmanship and creativity of Vietnamese people.

Artist Tran Nu Yen Khe. Photo: Elledecoration
Artist Tran Nu Yen Khe. Photo: Elledecoration
“Borderline” is a future-oriented Asian work of art, which has developed an imaginary world in poetry where traditional culture is expressed through contemporary design, according to Vietnamgolfmagazine. 

On the peak of the conical hat – a traditional Vietnamese outfit – runs a brilliant floral motif that uniquely blends on the lacquer background, behind which the barbed wire fence is shown with gold leaves. 

The vivid colors including red and orange recall the secular architectural heritage of pagodas and the actual effervescence of Vietnamese society. It is considered a strong symbol where exoticism meets reality and original nature confronts with border disputes. 

“Borderline” represents Vietnamese vitality and craft in a contemporary look.

The Musée Guimet, France’s leading ancient Asian art museum, in 2010 opened its doors to contemporary Asian art for the first time since its inception in 1898 with a collection of works named “Perpetual Paradox” by Pakistani artist Rashid Rana.

Guimet is one of the largest Asian art museums outside Asia with more than 50,000 precious works of art on display in a large space of 55,000m2. Vietnam has more than two galleries with notable items such as the Buddha statue from the 6th century, the Dong Son bronze drum, and the Chu Dau ancient pottery.