Dec 08, 2019 / 08:18

Hanoi: Air quality on December 7 sees bad indexes

The Hanoitimes - Hanoi’s air quality index (AQI) measured at 10 monitoring stations in the city was in the range of from 86 to 134.

Air quality in the latest 24 hours at ten automatic monitoring stations in Hanoi has been almost at the bad level, according to the Hanoi Agency of Environmental Protection (AEP).


Data: AEP. Graphic: Anh Kiet

On December 7 afternoon, the AEP said that the air quality index (AQI) measured at ten monitoring stations in the city was in the range of from 86 to 134.

Compared to air quality a day earlier, the AQI increased significantly, with the highest readings recorded at Hang Dau (134), Minh Khai (127), and Pham Van Dong (124) where traffic is usually heavy. Only two areas had AQI below 90 was Tan Mai (89) and Kim Lien (86) - the lowest reading.

In the previous days, Hanoi's air quality had positive changes. On December 6, air quality in all locations was at the average level. However, the readings recorded on December 7 tended to worsen, the AQI increased by 20-40 compared to the latest 24 hours.


Data: AEP. Table: Anh Kiet

The AEP repeated the recommendations that Hanoi’s residents should follow air quality information where they are living and working before going out to prevent diseases.

Besides, sensitive groups including children, the elderly and people with respiratory diseases should limit their time outdoors.

When travelling on roads, people need to strictly follow traffic laws to reduce traffic congestion.

The Hanoi police should strengthen traffic regulation in some areas with high traffic density such as Pham Van Dong, Hang Dau, Minh Khai, among others.

In suburban areas, people need to reduce burning waste and agricultural by-products.