Jul 03, 2021 / 21:04

Hanoi artist promotes local culture through lacquerware

Painter and artisan Nguyen Tan Phat has brought Vietnamese folklore into works of art thanks to his passion for lacquer.

Born and raised in Son Tay township in the western gateway of Hanoi, 38-year-old Nguyen Tan Phat has made hundreds of special lacquered products, showing not only the beauty of Vietnam’s art and culture but also their functionalities in daily life.

Tan Phat with his lacquerwares. Photos courtesy of the artist  

Using the art of craft art to promote the homeland

Only about two kilometers from Duong Lam ancient village - the most well-known tourist site of Son Tay, Phat’s house is full of vitality with lacquer art.

The first impression is the giant ants climbing the tree in the yard. The images of these lacquered ants clinging to the mossy walls of Duong Lam ancient village were post