Apr 28, 2020 / 22:37

To win customers amid Covid-19 pandemic, Hanoi stores erect anti-droplet screens

The Hanoitimes - Anti-droplet partitions at the stores are seen as a good idea to ensure safety of diner and avoid contact.

In order to limit coronavirus infection in the community, some restaurants, drug stores, supermarkets and ride-hailing cars in Hanoi have set up anti-droplet screens to separate customers and prevent contact among them.

 Thinh Pho store in Ton Duc Thang street, Dong Da district. Photo: Le Nam (Kinh te & Do thi)

Since April 23, the city’s coffee shops, restaurants and other catering services have been open to customers again after 22 days of social distancing. Some street food eateries in Phu Doan street have erected anti-droplet screens on tables to ensure safety of customers when eating at the shop amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

 A street food store in Phu Doan street using anti-drop screen. Photo: Dan Sinh newspaper

The owner of an eatery at 61 Phu Doan street told Kinh te & Do thi that after reopening, he spent more than VND1 million (US$42.6) on setting up clear plastic panels on all tables which help customers feel more secure when eating. “Once entering the restaurant, customers have to clean their hands with antiseptic solution before eating,” he added.

Big C Thang Long – a supermarket in Hanoi also set up screens at its checkout counters. Each shopper needs to keep a safe distance from others when making payment.

 Big C Thang Long supermarket. Photo: Le Nam (Kinh te & Do thi)

Some ride-hailing drivers in Hanoi also install clear plastic screens between the passenger and the driver to protect safety for both during the trip. It is considered a good idea for drivers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 A ride-hailing driver setting up plastic screen inside his car. Photo: Dan Sinh newspaper

Drug stores in Ngoc Lam ward, Long Bien district and Dong Anh district have complied with the Covid-19 prevention and control measures such as installing anti-droplet screens at the counter and providing hand sanitizers at the conspicuous area, since the pandemic broke out in Hanoi.


 A drug store in Dong Anh district. Photo: Hanoimoi newspaper

 A drug store in Ngoc Lam street, Long Bien district. Photo: Hanoimoi newspaper