Jun 02, 2021 / 05:21

Hanoi farmers work at night to avoid burning sun ​

Farmers in Hanoi's rural districts go to work at night to hide from the scorching heat of the day.

Scorching heat is attacking Hanoi, with temperature surging to 39-40 degrees Celsius, and is forecast to last until weekends.

The current heat wave scorches Hanoi since early morning, with the highest temperature reaching 38-39 degrees Celsius. It is even expected to surge to 41 degrees Celsius in some places.

Hanoi farmers go to vegetable orchards ahead of sunrise for tending and harvesting.

Many farmers leave home since 4:00 am, and work with the light on to tend the orchard and harvest vegetables. It’s farmers’ job to get up before dawn to do farm work.

Nguyen Thi Tien, a resident in Hoai Duc district, said they have to start the day much earlier in the past few days to avoid the extremely hot and sunny weather.

Growing vegetables for more than five years, Nguyen Thi Lien is used to scorching heat. However, the heat of recent years has been more intense and has a greater impact on crops.

Kieu Duy Hong, another farmer in Hoai Duc district, has three safe vegetable orchards. In the past few days, Hong has to water the plants twice as much. ''Normally we only irrigate vegetables once a day, now we have to do it twice. If the fields don’t get enough water, we may lose the crops,” Hong said.

 According to many farmers, "cooling off" is a manual and almost the only solution to protect vegetables from the blazing heat. Besides, many households have invested hundreds of millions Vietnam dong to build greenhouses and thus, avoid working in the sun.