May 05, 2020 / 13:55

Hanoi's new leafy walkway enriches greenery

The Hanoitimes - Hanoians enjoy the newly built tree-lined walkway in Thai Ha street.

A new tree-lined walkway in Thai Ha street, Hanoi, has been put into use as a reclamation of a dumping ground for wastes and construction materials. It becomes a playing ground and a public space for Hanoians to do exercise. 

The walkway has a length of about 400 meters from the intersection of Thai Ha - Yen Lang to the National Cinema Center. The walkway used to be a polluted ditch and a landfill.
 Turning into a promenade, the road is flanked by two rows of trees, creating a shady green space.
 Two carpets of flowers create a landscape and prevent dust and noise from the transport vehicles outside.
 Workers of Hanoi Urban Environment Company clean once a day to keep the walkway tidy.
 The walkway has become a favorite place for local residents to play and exercise. 
Nguyen Hung and Nguyen Hoa were playing in the promenade after many days of social isolation. Their mother, An, said that the walking path will not only help remove the former polluted ditch but also become a useful playground for children.
 The road also becomes a promenade and a safe space for pedestrians.
 Nguyen To Tiep, living in the Thanh Cong apartment, walks on the Thai Ha promenade for the first time. He is happy to have a safe place to do exercise.
 Trash bins block the entrance and leak sewage, making it difficult for local residents to enjoy the promenade.
Photos: Zing