Feb 26, 2020 / 22:39

Hanoi quarantines 174 people returning from South Korea’s Covid-19-hit city

The Hanoitimes - All Vietnamese returning from coronavirus-hit regions have to undergo health checkup and quarantine.

As of February 26, Hanoi has isolated at a military college in Son Tay town 174 people returning from South Korea’s Daegu city which has become an epicenter of Covid-19 in that country, VnEpress reported.

As per Vietnamese regulations, all Vietnamese nationals returning cororavirus-stricken areas have to undergo health checkup and quarantine during 14 days.

 The capital’s Military High Command prepared facilities to quarantine people coming from the epidemic-hit regions. Photo: Dung Nguyen

According to statistics from the Hanoi Department of Health, as of February 26, the city has not recorded any cases positive for nCoV. Currently, three suspected cases are being isolated and closely monitored.

About 250 people are being isolated at the city’s Police Hospital and a military college in Son Tay. Besides, other 350 people continue to be under medical supervision due to close contact with suspected cases or people coming from Covid-19-hit regions.

Earlier, the Capital High Command had prepared facilities for isolation if the epidemic spreads widely.

The Hanoi Department of Health deems that there are still risks of Covid-19 infection from people returning from epidemic-hit regions. Therefore, drastic measures need to be in place to prevent the epidemic in the city.

As of February 26, all 16 Covid-19 patients in Vietnam have been discharged from hospital. There are still 31 individuals suspected of contracting coronavirus, Zing.vn reported, citing the Ministry of Health's statistics.

Besides, 5,675 people who kept close contact with Covid-19 patients or returned from epidemic-infected regions are being monitored. It’s been 13 days that no new cases of infection have been reported in the country.