Oct 30, 2020 / 08:02

Hanoi street looks 'scary' ahead of Halloween

The Hanoitimes - Street vendors along Hang Ma street are busy as Halloween is nearing.

Hanoi’s Hang Ma street in the Old Quarter looks mysterious, even scary with various colors of horror toys on the eve of Halloween.

 In recent years, both Halloween and Christmas have become popular festivals for young people in Vietnam.
Originally a festival celebrated in the West, Halloween falls on October 31 each year.  
 Before Halloween, customers can purchase festive items in Hang Ma street, where a wide range of toys are on sale, including pumpkins and ghostly costumes. 
 Pumpkin-shaped lanterns are the most purchased with prices ranging from VND15,000 (US$0.64) to VND40,000(US$1.72) each. Children carry them to travel from house to house, asking for treats with the phrase "Trick or treat".
 Ghostly toys are also one of the most interested items among young people. 
Among children, princess’ dresses, superman outfits, and witches’ costumes are the most popular items. 
 Many expensive things are priced from VND800,000 (US$34.5) to VND1 million (US$43.1).
 Decorative items and Halloween-themed toys are available at all shops in Hang Ma street as well as souvenir shops in downtown Hanoi.
 Young people are excited when buying decorative items and taking photos on Hang Ma street.

Photo: Duy Khanh (Kinh te & Do thi)