Mar 07, 2018 / 17:31

Hanoi to create transparent environment and investment for the private sector

The Hanoi People’s Committee has recently issued Plan No. 53/KH-UBND on developing the private sector and making it one of important driving forces of the socialist-oriented market economy, completing the socialist-oriented market economy.

According to the plan, it is expected that 30% to 50% of private enterprises have innovative and creative activities annually; labor capacity increases 4-5% per year; the number of enterprises in Hanoi is lifted to 400,000 by 2020. 
Hanoi to create transparent environment and investment for the private sector
Hanoi to create transparent environment and investment for the private sector
The gap of technology, human resources and competitive capacity between the private sectors and the leading ones of ASEAN-4 is shortened; many private businesses join the production network and value chain of the region and worldwide.

As the standing agency, Hanoi Authority of Plan and Investment is in charge of cooperating with related departments and agencies to conduct information work, popularize the mechanisms and policies on encouraging the establishment of private businesses, create favorable conditions for them to invest and develop manufacturing as well as trade in lawful areas in accordance with Hanoi’s strategy on social and economic development.

The municipal  Authority of Plan and Investment is also responsible for performing following tasks:

Act as advisor to city’s government in building, completing policy on supporting startup and innovative startup; create premise to create private economic groups which are capable of joining the manufacturing network and value chain of the region and worldwide; consider and suggest policies to encourage and help household businesses in Hanoi to change and run their business according to the Law on Enterprises; act as advisor to the city in completing plan on supporting startup and establishment of enterprises in Hanoi as well as project on supporting innovative startup in Hanoi, and submit them to the Municipal People’s Committee for further consideration;

Take responsibility for studying project on simplifying procedure of registration for establishing enterprises in the city, improving quality of the officials in charge of providing advice and guidance to enterprises; enhance the popularization and information work in various manners, draw attention of the businesses and people, and encourage them to submit their registration for business on internet; strive to process all online registration for enterprise establishment on time; cooperate with tax, labor and social insurance agencies to connect the procedures in order to help enterprises reduce time and start their business soon;

Take responsibility for developing and effectively implementing programs on improving capacity of enterprises in the private sector according to plan on supporting human resource development in small and medium enterprises in Hanoi for the period of 2016 to 2020; study and act as advisor to the city to build project on developing the private economy, and improve capacity for enterprises in the private sector; connect the private enterprises, startup ideas and innovative, creative ideas with investors and investment funds;  

Act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee in organizing open dialogue periodically (at least twice a year) with enterprises, thus helping the businesses to ease difficulties and solve problems timely.

Based on their function and mission, related agencies, departments, sectors, associations and units of the city perform tasks according to their authority. They also create transparent and safe environment for development of the private economy sector, have proper supervision and inspection policy to ensure that all feedback and denunciations are received and answered, and create favorable conditions for private enterprises to run their business according to the law.

People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns are responsible for making their plan and project to implement the city’s plan, creating healthy and favorable investment and business environment for the private economy sector to develop, organizing open dialogues at least twice a year, summing up information at the end of the year, and reporting to the Authority of Plan and Investment. The latter will sum up the information and submit it to the Municipal People’s Committee.