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80% of administrative procedures in Hanoi to go online in 2019

Updated at Saturday, 05 Jan 2019, 14:34
The Hanoitimes - All administrative procedures will be public, transparent, and settled through a single-window mechanism.
The Hanoi government has determined to handle as much as 80% of administrative procedures online in 2019. 
Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
The move will help people save time and is in line with the central government’s efforts to conduct administrative reforms over the past years. 

Following the city’s step, all documents, except for some kinds under specific regulations, of Hanoi-based state agencies will be put online. 

In addition, all administrative procedures will be public, transparent, and settled through the single-window mechanism. 

Notably, the city targets to solve on time as much as 95% of profiles relating to administrative procedures. 

Approval time for construction license shortened 

In another move, the city has shortened the duration for issuing a construction license to 63 days, 19 days lesser than the time standardized by the World Bank (WB).

Accordingly, construction-related regulations will require less time. For example, it will take 20 days instead of 30 days for approval of building fire-prevention procedures, 7 days instead of 14 days for water drainage connection. 

Hanoi has taken administrative reforms with the implementation of public online services as part of its efforts to pursue high economic growth rates. 

In 2017, Hanoi ranked second out of 63 cities and provinces nationwide for public administrative reform index (PAR Index). 
Linh Pham
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