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Hanoi successfully improves Hoan Kiem Lake’s environment

Updated at Friday, 06 Sep 2019, 15:20
The Hanoitimes - The work has returned beautiful scenery for Hoan Kiem Lake which is one of Hanoi`s symbolic places.
The water in Hoan Kiem Lake has been clean again and the lake has almost regained its original beauty to be worthy of the title "The Heart of the Capital City" thanks to the effort of the Hanoi authority, local media reported.

Years of accumulating sediment and without being fed with water have raised the lake bed have reduced its depth to only 50-70 cm in some areas near the shore. The PH in the lake’s water often fluctuated at 9.4 - 10.5.
A scene of Hoan Kiem Lake
A scene of Hoan Kiem Lake
The Hanoi Drainage Company have set up a project to improve Hoan Kiem Lake’s environment with three main solutions including dredging the accumulated mud and waste at the lake’s bed, periodically feeding water to the lake and regulating the water level to create exchange of the lake’s water, using Redoxy - 3C inoculants to treat pollution when necessary.

Work on cleaning Hoan Kiem Lake water begun on December 1, 2017. Until February 7, 2018, 57,000m3 of sludge and residues in the lake’s bed was removed by C2 dredging technology and manually.

A representative from Hanoi Drainage Company said the company has implemented solutions to successfully improve the environment of Hoan Kiem Lake, for a green, clean and beautiful capital city.

According to residents around the lake, the poetic beauty has returned with absolutely no bad odor due to water pollution.

Duong Huy, who lives on Hang Bac No.155 Street, Hoan Kiem District, said that since renovation in late 2017, Hoan Kiem Lake is becoming increasingly clean and beautiful.

“Every day, many people and I come to the lake for walking, sightseeing and doing exercises. The renovation for Hoan Kiem Lake not only creates a landscape and ensures people’s life in the area but also creates a good impression on domestic and international tourists,” Huy said.
Van Nhi - Anh Kiet
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