May 25, 2020 / 15:18

Hanoi's hot and vivid summer days

The Hanoitimes - Against the scorching heat, Hanoians’ life becomes vivid when the summer season comes.

Leaving the gloomy and drizzling days behind, Hanoi has re-encountered its usual summer vibrancy. The summer season comes with sunlight fluttering through windows and the blue sky cheering up the mood of the city’s residents. 


In the morning, Nguyen Thi Dam, 91 years old, and her friends practice Taichi kungfu, a fairly popular exercise for the elderly, at the Quan Thanh temple, Ba Dinh district. She has practiced this form of martial art over the past 35 years and only stopped exercising during the social distancing period against Covid-19.

Some old Hanoians doing excercise in Ho Guom area in the morning.

Summer in Hanoi is the season of lotus flowers, white trumpet, lagerstroemia purple and red phoenix flowers to bloom. The flower vendors are seen at every corner in this city

 At 10:00, a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius smothers everyone. Motorbike riders are vying for a place under the shade of trees.

 Working in the hottest time of the day, first lieutenant Nguyen Thanh Binh at traffic police squad No. 3, said: “The hotter the weather is, the more people rush driving, the more likely accidents would occur, so we have to work harder to ensure the safety of people.”

At Dong Xuan market, a group are loading and unloading the last packages onto the truck to Hai Duong province in the hottest time of the day.



On the streets, local people wear face masks and long-sleeved shirts to protect themselves from the burning sunlight.

To cool off the scorching summer sun, the West Lake Water Park has been a favorite place for not only local young people but also families to enjoy.


Due to Covid-19, Hanoi’s tourist destinations and entertainment facilities have reopened only since mid-May.

 West Lake has become the most ideal place in the city to see sunset as after a blazingly hot day.


In Tay Ho Tay Urban Area, many Hanoians and their children enjoy flying kites after months of staying at home to avoid Covid-19 propagation. Flying kites brings back childhood memories for adults. 

 Many families come to this spacious and open ground to relax after school and working days.

Photos: Zing