May 06, 2020 / 17:25

Hanoi’s outskirt village burst with joy after 28-day lockdown

The Hanoitimes - The villagers can now return to normal livelihood.

Around 11,000 residents in Hanoi’s outlying village of Ha Loi burst with joy as they could come back to normal life since May 6 after a 28-day lockdown to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The village had been isolated since April 7 after a local man tested positive for the virus. Ten checkpoints were set up in the village to enforce the lockdown.

Another 13 people who had close contact with this man were later confirmed positive for the Covid -19. However, since April 15, no cases of infection have been reported in the area.

Before the lockdown was lifted, all people in Ha Loi village were tested for Covid -19 and no one became positive with the virus.

The following are photos shot in Ha Loi village on May 6 morning:

 At 0:00 May 6, the lockdown on Ha Loi commune, Me Linh district was lifted. Photo:

Fences were dismantled. Photo:


The man holds the Vietnam national flag to celebrate the lockdown lifting of Ha Loi village. Photo: Nam Nguyen

 The first people who passed through a checkpoint which was later removed. Photo:


A woman burst into tears of happiness as she now can come back to normal life. Photo:


Ha Loi is among the well-known floriculture villagea in Hanoi. Photo:

 After the lockdown, people in Ha Loi resume the supply of fresh flowers to the capital's residents. Photo:
 Trading activities at Ha Loi village’s wet market. Photo:

"We are delighted there is no longer any case of infection in the commune and we can get back to the routine. Children could return to schools and adults to work," Pham Thi Hai, a Ha Loi resident said. Photo:

 A local resident said she was very happy with the end of quarantine so her business could be reopened. Photo: