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Hanoi: ​General checkup​ in ​hospital​s'​ pharmacy

Updated at Monday, 12 Mar 2018, 11:49
The Hanoitimes - In order to improve the quality of pharmacy in hospitals, especially the activities of pharmacies, the Hanoi Health​ ​Department has ​recently implement general checkup​ in ​the City`s hospital​s`​ pharmacy.
According to Deputy Director of ​Hanoi ​Health Department Tran Van Chung, in 2017, the Government ​and the Ministry of Health issued documents related to pharmaceutical work. 
People standing in line to buy drugs at the drugstore of a hospital. (Photo: Vietam +)
People standing in line to buy drugs at the drugstore of a hospital. (Photo: Vietam +)
The​ ​Hanoi Health Department has informed, directed and deployed the units in the ​sector. At the same time, in 2018​, it ​has developed and promulgated plans to strengthen drug quality inspection. Currently, the Hanoi Health​ ​Department is administering 110 pharmacies of public hospitals in ​the City​.

The first ​hospital to be checked on this occasion ​is Ha Dong General Hospital.​ It ha​s​ developed guiding documents of pharmacists at all levels in the unit and at the same time propagat​ing​ the pharmacy and pharmacy staff ​with ​the new regulations.

Pharmacies of the hospital are equipped with air conditioning, thermometers, hygrometers, drug storage cabinets​. They​ meet enough medicine for medical examination and treatment. Through inspection, the unit has not detected selling drugs outside the list​ and​ drug prices do not exceed the declared price.

However, Deputy Director of Health Department Tran Van Chung asked the hospital to review all activities of the pharmacy, to strengthen the inspection of the implementation of the law.

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