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The Capital makes effort for people’s heath protection

Updated at Friday, 20 Apr 2018, 15:35
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee issues Plan No. 91/KH-UBND dated April 16 on making effort people’s heath protection and care in the new context.
The Capital makes effort for people’s heath protection
The Capital makes effort for people’s heath protection
Under the Plan, the Capiatl city will take following actions:
Increasing leadership of Party units, management of the governments and participation of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Hanoi as well as political, social organizations from city level and grassroots level in the field of people’s heath protection and care in the new context. 
Highlighting responsibilities of leaders of Party units and governments at all levels in leadership and instruction for people’s health care and protection, and considering it as one of the most important political tasks.
Raising capacity, effectiveness and efficiency of state management in the field of health care and protection, integrating targets and goals of health care and relevant issues like environment, sports and culture into the city’s social and economic development plan and program.
Increasing inspection and examination, focusing on implementation of policies and relevant fields; promoting the role of Fatherland Front Committee, social and political organizations and the whole community in providing health care, protection to the people and improving physical health.
Giving detailed assignment to realize the targets and take measures in people’s health care and protection, first of all to ensure food safety and hygiene as well as environment protection, improve physical health, build civilized lifestyle, health insurance for the people and implementation of regulations on disease prevention, control and treatment.
Improving and enhancing popularization, information work, emulation movements and movements on ensuring health care, protection and improving people’s physical health.
Bringing the roles of the people into full play for supervision, and creating favorable conditions to mobilize social, religious organizations to take part in people’s health care and protection affairs according to the law.
City’s departments, agencies, sectors, People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns will perform following tasks:
Enhancing information work and popularization to improve awareness and change behaviors in health care and protection; highlighting responsibilities of the Party units, governments, political and social organizations as well as the people in health care and protection.
Bringing the role of Boards of People Health Care and Protection at all levels into full play; building and comprehensively implementing projects, programs and plans on improving physical health and stature of Hanoians.
Increasing popularization, encouraging people to develop civilized, healthy lifestyle and maintain food safety and hygienic; eliminating backward customs which have negative effect on health.
Giving guidance to people, and popularizing information of proper nutrition and diets according to each target group; launching programs on supplementing essential nutrients for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children  at all ages and the elderly.
​Paying special attention to creating conditions for protecting and improving health of the people, especially the ones in remote and ethnic minority communes.
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