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Ministry of Health to cut nearly 70% business conditions

Updated at Thursday, 26 Apr 2018, 16:27
The Hanoitimes - The Ministry of Health (MoH) is reviewing business conditions under its administration, for which 1,151 out of 1,680 business conditions, equivalent to 68.51% of the total are expected to be removed.
In addition to business conditions, the MoH also considered to remove and simplify 168 out of 338 administrative procedures, reaching 49.70%, said the Health Vice Minister Nguyen Thanh Long at a press conference on April 26.
Ministry of Health to cut nearly 70% business conditions.
Ministry of Health to cut nearly 70% business conditions.
Specifically, the MoH proposed to remove business conditions on the basis of 5 principles, including: non-essential business conditions, which will not affect the quality of health care services, or potentially causing an overlapping between regulations; qualitative business conditions which may cause misunderstandings; business conditions considered as must have in operation; business conditions which already have been regulated in a macro level but still exist in sub-level; moving the management method from pre-review to post-review.

At present, the MoH will continue reviewing obsolete decrees and circulars for removal. Concurrently, the ministry will recommend the Government and the National Assembly to speed up the reviewing process of related laws that consist of obsolete business conditions.

A total of 9 fields are considered to have business conditions removed, including: treatment; pharmacy and cosmetic; food safety; health equipment; traditional medicine; preventive medicine; insecticidal and germicidal chemicals and preparations for household and medical use; HIV treatment and detoxification of drug addiction; in vitro fertilization, surrogating and sexuality redefinition.

It is expected that the proposal will be submitted to the Government in May 2018. 

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) also suggested to abolish 99 requirements and simplifying the other 89, equivalent to 50.8% of the total business conditions, informed the agency during a meeting with the government mission on April 7.

Under the said proposal, the MoF suggested to modify 5 laws and 11 decrees, in which modifications will be submitted to the government for approval before June 30. 

Last September, the Ministry of Industry & Trade announced a similar move in removing 675 business conditions under its state management responsibility. 

This number has been announced after 2 weeks of reviewing and simplifying business conditions, which is higher than expected, with 63 additional conditions to be removed, and contributes to 55.5% of the total current business conditions. 

It worth mentioning that in this review, there are 60 additional conditions to be removed, which is higher than the expected number of 612 conditions, contributing to 55.5% of the total business conditions, instead of the original estimation of 50.3%.

After reduction, the remaining business conditions are 541, instead of 752. This is the first time in history of the industry & trade sector, that there are such a high number of business conditions to be removed. 
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