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Hanoi students honoured as “Ambassadors of Reading Culture”

Updated at Sunday, 27 May 2018, 14:00
The Hanoitimes - 28 students in Hanoi were honoured as being “Ambassadors of Reading Culture” during the 2017 - 2018 school year.
This was announced at the awards ceremony for a writing and presentation contest held on Hanoi Book street on May 26.
Hanoi students honoured as “Ambassadors of Reading Culture”.
Hanoi students honoured as “Ambassadors of Reading Culture”.
The contest, the second of its kind, was launched by the city’s departments of Education and Training, Communication and Education, and Culture and Sports with an aim to promote the habit of reading among students.
Nearly 60,000 students from 277 primary and secondary schools in the capital took part in the contest, for which they wrote an essay in Vietnamese or English describing their favourite books and suggesting ways to encourage others to read more. The organising board also presented 18 consolation prizes and five prizes for the five schools with the largest number of entrants.
The ambassadors will take part in activities to promote a love for reading at their schools and in their communities, according to the Deputy Director of Hanoi city Department of Education and Training.
In 2016, 27 primary and secondary school students were honored as Hanoi’s “Ambassadors of Reading Culture” in a ceremony held as part of the Hanoi Book Festival. After three months, more than 10,000 students in Hanoi participated in the writing contest to look for ambassadors of reading culture, part of the project “Let’s Read” by the Vietnam Intellectual Cooperation Centre (VICC) aiming to promote a reading culture in Vietnam.
9th grader Nguyen Van Thuy Linh from Ngo Si Lien Secondary School was conferred the title “Hanoi’s Typical Ambassador of Reading Culture 2016”. She had many ideas and wanted to share them with others. For example, Linh wants to set up several book stalls in walking streets around the Sword Lake so that everyone can read and discuss with each other.
“I think there should be a book corner for children in each residential area. Or when students learn history, geography, and science, they should take along the books that they find interesting to have more knowledge apart from what they learn in textbooks,” Linh was quoted as saying.
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