Mar 29, 2018 / 16:38

Ho Chi Minh City to develop smart urban area

Ho Chi Minh City People`s Committee has approved the task of selecting the idea to develop Can Gio district into smart urban area.

Ho Chi Minh City to develop smart urban area.
Ho Chi Minh City to develop smart urban area.
Can Gio will become a smart urban area with the evolution of the knowledge economy, high tech services, resort, hotel… in the near future, according to planning project.
The planning project also help Can Gio district attract more investments on development traffic, infrastructure and socioeconomic resources…
Can Gio is a coastal suburban district of Ho Chi Minh City, Southeast region, Vietnam. Can Gio district had an area of 70.421,58ha, in which, the sea reclamation project covering on an area of 2,870ha.
All districts in Ho Chi Minh City will be expected to develop a “smart urban area” plan by 2020. The smart urban area project will be piloted in district 1 and 12 and the Thu Thiem Urban Area in district 2. This was announced by Tran Vinh Tuyen, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee during the smart urban project’s meeting on March 16.
Under the smart urban area project, there will be four centres: one on a shared database and open database eco-system; another that will integrate all the city’s information sources and databases from various departments and district committees; one used for simulations to forecast socio-economic strategy; and another on information security.
In which, representatives of districts 1 and 12 and the Thu Thiem Urban Area in district 2, which will pilot the project, said they have already made plans for implementation. A representative of the People’s Committee in district 1 said the district would develop eight smart systems related to social order, education, healthcare, urban management, information security, and online administrative services.
This is the first time Ho Chi Minh City has created a specific roadmap for the smart urban project, with targets including sustainable development, improved quality of life, and more effective administration.