Nov 19, 2019 / 16:22

How big is Expo-Russia Vietnam 2019?

The Hanoitimes - The expo is a chance for Russians exhibitors to enter the market of nearly 100 million people.

The Expo-Russia Vietnam 2019, which took place in Hanoi on November 14-16, has created an opportunity for Russian companies to enter the Vietnamese market, significantly contributing to the broader bilateral economic ties.

 The expo helps connect Vietnamese and Russian businesses. Photo: Linh Pham

With the participation of nearly 200 Russian companies and localities in Vietnam and more than 300 exchange meetings, the three-day event was a venue where suppliers meet clients.

 The expo features Russian traditional dance. Photo: Linh Pham

Through the event, Russia exhibitors expect to offer the best products to Vietnamese customers. The companies are operating in different fields namely energy, health, pharmaceuticals, leather and footwear, cosmetics, education, food, confectionery, handicrafts, among others.

 Novosibirsk region - the largest commercial, industrial and scientific center in Siberia. Photo: Linh Pham

Booth of Chelyabinsk Region. Photo: Linh Pham 
 Kaluga Region designed to be environmentally friendly. Photo: Linh Pham
 Volgograd Region with companies operating in industries and construction materials. Photo: Linh Pham

Krasnodar Region with many hi-tech platform providers. Photo: Linh Pham
Kirov Region with companies specialized in wood processing: Photo: Linh Pham 
 Nizhny Novgorod Region. Photo: Linh Pham
 Russian giant oil and gas operator Rosneft has been present in Vietnam for years. Photo: Linh Pham

 Executives of FWD - leading freight forwarder. Photo: Linh Pham

FWD Company is a leading freight forwarder of commercial and personal cargo and offers a full range of services for road, sea, airway and railway transportation.

FWD services include Road transportation of small and large consignments across Russia, CIS, Europe, and worldwide; Sea transportation with container shipping on any delivery basis from major Russian ports; Airway transportation with complex services of airway transportation all over the world; Railway transportation with various logistic solutions, shortest terms, a complex approach to optimization of delivery schemes.

 Executives of Sazhinskiy Confectionary Factory at the expo. Photo: Linh Pham

Sazhinskiy Confectionary Factory, founded in 1995, is one of the leading Russian confectionery producers. Its products include waffles and cornets, pastry and biscuits, gingerbreads; Caramel, toffee, lollipops; Halva, chuk-chuk, nut brittle, fudge; Baked confectionery; and Functional, preventive, clinical nutrition, special and invalid food.

 Executives of Fingo. Photo: Linh Pham

FINGO is a global supplier of systems for flue gas cleaning solutions worldwide.

They offer world-class equipment and services to meet the challenges of environmental safety to the leaders of the global industry.

 "Svitlogorie" - famous ice cream in Russia and abroad. Photo: Linh Pham

“Svitlogorie” provides natural-flavor, high quality, homemade-style delicious ice cream for daily use. Famous curd cheese, sour cream, curd, and kefir are made from fresh milk in classical recipes.

“Svitlogorie” ice cream uses natural whole milk with the addition of butter, caramelized milk, sugar, and cocoa. The design of the package preserves all colors and flavors.

Russkoe Moloko, LLC has its own hi-tech full-cycle enterprise using raw material from dairy and farms located in clean areas of Moscow and Vologda regions. The main production is set up in Dmitrov.

With a distribution network in Russia, more than 300 kinds of “Svitlogorie” and “DMZ” ice cream have been available across Russia and some markets abroad.

 Russkaya cosmetic. Photo: Linh Pham

Today the cosmetic factory “Red Line” is familiar to customers. Production of “Red Line” is presented and sold in many regions of Russia and CIS countries.

 Russkaya Kozha specializes in leather processing. Photo: Linh Pham

The group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" includes seven industrial companies. All of them have one thing in common: natural leather. Each member is unique with his strong, ambitious and distinguishing characteristics that make him a leader in his field.

 Executives of Bronya Painting. Photo: Linh Pham

It offers a product developed by Russian scientists - a liquid ceramic insulation material "Bronya" in which thermophysical properties excel all known equivalents.

 The expo attracts a large number of Vietnamese clients. Photo: Linh Pham
A circuit manufacturer. Photo: Linh Pham

 ND-Technic, Russian largest modified starch maker. Photo: Linh Pham

 Stankoles specializes in waste treatment. Photo: Linh Pham
 The expo is a venue where exhibitors and clients meet. Photo: Linh Pham
 LGA manufactures valves and hanging equipment. Photo: Linh Pham
 A well-known sunflower cooking oil company. Photo: Linh Pham
A Russian woman tastes Vietnamese coffee at the expo. Photo: Linh Pham