Oct 08, 2019 / 10:48

How big is Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019?

The Hanoitimes - ITAP 2019 will exhibit products of 350 exhibiting companies from 30 countries and territories.

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) – a HANNOVER MESSE event – the Asian leg of the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology showcases the latest technologies for Industry 4.0 in the course of digitalization. 
ITAP 2019 will accommodate 350 companies for 30 countries. Photo: SingEx
ITAP 2019 will accommodate 350 companies for 30 countries and territories. Photo: SingEx

Becoming the leading trade event for Industry 4.0 in the Asia-Pacific region, ITAP will be the engaging and inclusive event where stakeholders and targeted audience groups convene for networking and knowledge transfer opportunities for business success.
The 2018 event marked the participation of 266 exhibitors from 23 countries and territories right in the first year the trade show held in Singapore. ITAP 2018 attracted 20,950 attendees from 55 countries and territories.  
Regional companies are able to showcase their newest ideas in advanced manufacturing, from virtual power plants that redirect electricity to and from grids to simulating entire production chains digitally.
Continuing the last year success, ITAP 2019 which is slated for October 22-24 in Singapore, will focus on five key exhibition segments namely additive manufacturing, digital factory, integrated energy, industrial automation and intra-logistics. 
Percentage of exhibitors to showcase at ITAP 2019. Photo: Linh Pham
Composition of exhibitors to showcase at ITAP 2019. Photo: Linh Pham

ITAP 2019 will exhibit products of 350 exhibiting companies from 30 countries and territories. Of the total exhibitors, the number of companies working in industrial automation reaches 191 companies from 23 countries, accounting for 55%, those in digital factory are 62 or 18%, followed by firms in smart logistics with 26 or 7%, and integrated energy 18 companies, 5%. 
The three-day expo will include Future of Manufacturing (FoM) CXO Summit: a thought-leadership platform designed to catalyze thinking, facilitate high-level networking, enable the exchange of strategic insights and encourage adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions amongst governments and manufacturers; FoM Workshops: the workshops offer a deep dive into the practical application of Industry 4.0 across various industrial sectors; Global Additive Manufacturing Summit: focuses on the importance of material innovation in enabling the mass adoption of 3D printing; Standards Forum & Master Classes: addresses the challenges faced by enterprises in adopting industry 4.0 and offers case studies for learning. 
ITAP 2018 draws a large number of experts. Photo: SingEx
ITAP 2018 draws a large number of experts. Photo: SingEx

Future of Manufacturing (FoM) CXO Summit highlights what manufacturers must learn about Industry 4.0 to keep up with challenges and stay future-proofed. 
Global Additive Manufacturing Summit underlines developments in material science and engineering, progress and trend, and it’s a key enabler of sustainable manufacturing. 
Standards Forum & Master Classes places emphasis on the importance of standards in industry and their role in adoption 4.0.
Deep expertise on certain fields will be addressed by executives from the world’s leading companies namely ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, P&G, McKinsey & Company, Toshiba, SAP, Accenture, Wintershine among others. 
Learning Journey - a model for regional companies to explore live demonstrations. Photo: SingEx
Learning Journey at ITAP - a model for regional companies to explore live demonstration areas. Photo: SingEx

Notably, ITAP 2019 features a “Learning Journey” on the exhibition hall that guide participants through the process systematically with an aim to narrow the gap in industrial transformation between companies in economies in the Asia-Pacific region.
“Learning Journey” – Learning Lab provides live demonstration area to showcase the capabilities and applications of autonomous solutions in intralogistics environment; Robotics Experimental Zone features innovative robotics display and interactive exhibits, showcasing the importance of robotics deployment for use in the manufacturing and logistics space, deepening the understanding on robotics application via talks, presentation sessions and workshops, and showcasing cost-effective and ready-to-purchase solutions developed by local and regional solution providers for the manufacturing sector. 
“Learning Journey” – Curated Guided Tours allows attendees to get a cleaner and targeted demonstration on the topics that are most relevant to them. About 150 guided tours will cover 12 industry focused tracks in Oil – Gas – Energy; Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology; Semiconductor – Electronic – Electrical; FMCG – F&B; Aerospace; Logistics & Supply Chain; Chemical; Infrastructure & Facilities; Urban Solutions; Automotive. 
“Learning Journey” – Industry 4.0 Technical Tours enables attendees to explore planned locations around Singapore to exemplify some of the best industrial transformation showcases and deployment concepts for Industry 4.0. 
Regional companies, therefore, will be able to start, scale and sustain their adoption of Industry 4.0 processes and solutions through ITAP 2019.