Oct 13, 2014 / 10:13

I love Hanoi wholeheartedly

The Hanoitimes - One of 12 foreign citizens awarded the noble title "The Honorary Citizen of Hanoi" by Hanoi’s People Committee is Korean professor Ahn. Kyong - Hwan (Korea). He is the person who helps other Korean people understand more about Vietnam.

Talking with reporter of Economics and Urban Newsaper near Hoan Kiem lake, professorAhn. Kyong - Hwan said: "Although I had already known of receiving the titled “ The honorary citizen of Hanoi”, I still feel deeply touched when my name was shown on the electronic board. I understand Vietnamese, so my feelings was much deeper.”
Reporter: “Sir, in what circumstances did you learn Vietnamese? 
Professor: “20 years ago, I first visited Hanoi and then understand very little about the land and people of Vietnam. At the Ho Chi Minh, when hearing the interpreter introduce, I knew that  Ho Chi Minh was the leader, the hero, the great culture of Vietnam in the struggle for national liberation . Then, I decided to learn Vietnamese to understand more about Ho Chi Minh and his country. 
Reporter: “Sir, can tell me how you learn Vietnamese ?”
Professor: “Vietnamese is very difficult at first, especially its pronounciation. But when you understand it, you will become interested in it especially a variety of folk songs, idioms, proverbs. So far, I've taught Vietnamese to 1,989 Koreans, including many students of geography, history, economics, politics, culture. I also translated  4 books, including "Diary in Prison" by President Ho Chi Minh (the 5th edition with 5000 books); "Dang Thuy Tram's Diary" ( the 3rd edition with 3,000 books); " Kieu story" (reprinted once with 1,600 books) and " Unforgettable memories" by General Vo Nguyen Giap (first published with 300 books). 
Reporter:  "Do you have any feelings about Hanoi and future plans?"
Professor: “Hanoi is charm and peaceful. The autumn of Hanoi is the most beautiful place I have ever been in the world. But above all, Vietnamese people are very cheerful, friendly, open including charming women and innocent children ... I love the country wholeheartedly and I try my best to promote mutual understanding of language between the two countries, contributing to tighten friendship between Vietnam - Korea  for the course of development and prosperity. 
Reporter: “Thank you Professor”