Jul 21, 2020 / 16:14

Final touches on Hanoi’s elevated ring road No.2 built by Vingroup

The Hanoitimes - The road is expected to reduce traffic congestion on heavy traffic roads downtown which are under heavy traffic pressure in Hanoi.

Construction of elevated Ring Road No.2 from the Nga Tu So intersection to Vinh Tuy bridge is nearing completion and will soon be put into use, according to Zing.vn.

The Nga Tu So - Nga Tu Vong road axis is the flashpoint of traffic jam in Hanoi many buildings on both sides. The elevated Ring Road No.2 project is expected to solve this problem, by easing traffic congestion on heavy traffic roads downtown such as Vinh Tuy - Mai Dong, Nga Tu Vong - Truong Chinh - Nga Tu So.

On the other hand, the route is an important section of Ring Road No.2 and is built after a series of projects such as Vinh Tuy, Dong Tru and Nhat Tan bridges.

According to the initial study, the proposed project schedule is approximately 30 months for each component. But so far, after only 25 months, the project has been nearly completed, at least three months ahead of time. It is built by Vietnam's largest private conglomerate Vingroup under a Build-Transfer format, i.e. infrastructure in exchange for land.

Construction of the elevated Ring Road No.2 from the Nga Tu So to Nga Tu Vong started in April 2018, with a cost of VND9.4 trillion (US$404.5 million). The whole route is 5.1km long and 19m wide. Site clearance costs over VND4.19 trillion (US$180.3 million).
 The two ramps at one end of the viaduct in Truong Chinh street, close to the intersection of Tay Son, Nguyen Trai and Lang streets.
 This is the beginning of Truong Chinh street, the section near Nga Tu Vong which is decongested recently thanks to the removal of construction equipment.

 Fences at the construction site have been removed.

 The viaduct has been asphalted. Workers are drawing white lines to divide the lanes.
 The items include main bridge (19-meter wide), ramps (7-meter wide each) connecting to the road below at three locations: Vinh Tuy bridge, Nga Tu Vong and Nga Tu So.
 The municipal government will open to traffic from Nga Tu Vong to Nga Tu So to ease traffic congestion in this artery which has existed for years.

Many experts believe that this is a typical project and shows the right direction in transport infrastructure development for a mega city like Hanoi.