May 13, 2020 / 18:48

JobsGo, WindSoft Vietnam, EcomEasy secure investment from Vietnamese fund

The Hanoitimes - The Vietnamese fund has capital of US$3 million and is looking for five startups to invest an amount of US$200,000-500,000 in each project.

Vietnamese venture fund Viet Valley Ventures announced on May 12 its investment in three tech startups in Vietnam namely JobsGo, WindSoft Vietnam and EcomEasy in terms of financial investment and directional support from the fund itself.

 The Vietnamese fund and three startups at the signing ceremony. Photo: Vietnamnews

Explaining the reason for investing in these three startups, the fund’s representative told local media that these projects are involved in technology, requiring moderate investment but may yield profit almost immediately. “We are looking for startups to invest from products to people,” the representative said.

Established in 2019, the Viet Valley Ventures gathered four experts in the field of technology in Vietnam and the Silicon Valley in the US with a goal of turning Vietnam into a Silicon Valley in Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2018, JobsGO is a mobile recruitment and job search platform in Vietnam. Two years after being launched, the startup has one million users and three million applications, and 20,000 recruitment businesses.

WindSoft specializes in providing software solutions and mobile applications to help businesses manage and embark on digital transformation to maximize sales and improve customer experience in the 4.0 technology era.

Meanwhile, EcomEasy focuses on providing comprehensive solutions in marketing and sales on e-commerce channels for businesses. The company has four representative offices in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.