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Sep 24, 2020 / 12:18

Last patient discharged from hospital, Danang free of Covid-19

The patient had tested positive as many as 19 times during treatment.

Patient No.936, a 56-year-old man, was the last Covid-19 patient in Danang to be released from hospital on September 23 and the city, Vietnam’s largest Covid-19 epicenter so far, is totally free of coronavirus, Kinh Te & Do Thi reported.

 Patient No.936 (in white shirt) receives flowers from Director of the Danang Department of Health Ngo Thi Kim Yen. Photo: Nguyen Dong/VNE

"It’s been one month and six days since I was confirmed coronavirus carrier. I am so happy to return home and reunite with my family. I would like to express my gratitude to all doctors and nurses," said the man.

"I was really worried and could not sleep for many nights, but doctors and nurses stood by my side and helped me get through my biggest obstacle: mental issue," the man added.

He is a resident in Danang's Hai Chau district who had contracted the new coronavirus at Danang Hospital in mid-August while receiving emergency aid for heart failure, high-blood pressure, diabetes, and metabolic disorder.

He acquired the infection as Vietnam dealt with its second Covid-19 wave, which started on July 25 after the nation had gone more than three months without a single community transmission.

Once being diagnosed with the disease, the patient was transferred from Danang Hospital to a field hospital built specifically to treat Covid-19 patients in the city's Hoa Vang district.

He tested negative twice for the new coronavirus while at the field hospital, though the results turned positive time and again. In total, the patient had tested positive as many as 19 times during treatment.

"It was not until last night that he could sleep well when he had been confirmed negative for the third time in a row," Doctor Dang Cong Quyt from Hoa Vang field hospital said.

Set up on August 1, Hoa Vang field hospital had admitted 258 Covid-19 patients, 15 of whom have died and 239 others have recovered.

There had been time when the hospital had to treat as many as 200 patients at the same time, Doctor Dang Cong Quyt said, adding that saving patients suffering pre-existing chronic diseases was the hardest job.

Since July 25, Danang has confirmed 389 patients, 31 of them have died. By September 23, Danang had passed 23 straight days without local transmissions and Vietnam, 20 consecutive days.

So far, the nation has recorded 1,069 Covid-19 cases. Of them, 40 remain active, 991 have recovered and 35 have died.