Jul 24, 2019 / 13:57

Made-in-Vietnam social network platform launched in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - The social network platform received an investment pledge of VND500 billion (US$21.5 million) from G-Capital, with a view to reaching 50 million users by 2021.

Social network Gapo created by Gapo Technology Joint Stock Company, a Vietnamese tech firm, made its debut in Hanoi on July 23.

The platform has green background with interface, layouts and features similar to that of Facebook. 
The platform of Gapo
The social network platform of Gapo
Besides basic functions of a social network such as updating status, adding friends, liking, picture and video uploading and messaging, Gapo has the feature of posting stories and statuses with colorful themes and templates and live streaming.

In addition, Gapo users have to confirm their IDs for account protection, online payment and the use of other services. Account impersonation and losing is out of question, according to Gapp developers.  

According to Ha Trung Kien, co-founder and CEO of Gapo, although the platform has been developed since April 2019, the company still decided to launch it prematurely to receive feedback from users for continual improvement.  

“We do not consider any social network as competitor and have no promotion plan for the platform, instead we encourage people to use more than one social networks to express themselves and experience more interesting things," Kien said.

Strategic Director of Gapo Duong Vi Khoa said that Gapo takes customers as the focus, thus there will be a customer care team to listen to and support users. 

Gapo social network also focuses on personalizing users’ experience. People - especially youth - have different options to decorate their page on Gapo, Khoa stressed.

Gapo initially received an investment pledge of VND500 billion (US$21.5 million) from G-Capital, which will be used to finance the first phase of the project, with a view to reaching 50 million users by 2021.

Besides, Gapo announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Sony Music Entertainment Vietnam. The social network will be able to use the audio by Sony Music Entertainment Vietnam for content creation, on both either web-based and smartphone app versions.

However, in the evening of July 23, many users of Gapo reported errors when accessing the network, both via web and on smartphone. Although it can be accessed, users cannot create new accounts or post or share stories. 

In response, Gapo said it would suspend the entire system to upgrade and fix the error. It cited overloading as the reason. This is considered the first incident of Gapo social network after being launched.

In the morning of July 24, Gapo users can create accounts and log in on the phone version. However, signing in on the web based version is still impossible. Gapo suggests users to turn to smartphone application while waiting for the web-based version to be fixed.