Mar 18, 2020 / 14:39

How medical declaration process works at Noi Bai airport?

The Hanoitimes - All passengers at Noi Bai International Airport must comply with the screening procedures including health checks, medical declarations and test for Covid-19.

To ensure the safety amid Covid-19 pandemic, all passengers entering or transiting through Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport must declare their health status, Kinh Te & Do Thi reported.

All passengers at the airport must comply with the screening procedures including health check, medical declaration and test for Covid-19. Those returning from pandemic-hit regions or transiting through epidemic regions will be sent to concentrated quarantine facilities even without showing any symptoms.

Noi Bai International Airport at about 10:00am on March 17, many flights from different countries landed.

 At the gate, entrants can choose to fill out health declaration form online, on paper or directly state their health condition to the medical staff who are always available.
 All passengers receive detailed guidance. According to Deputy Director of the Hanoi Center for Disease Control and Prevention Khong Minh Tuan, passengers can fill out declaration forms on board of the airplane.
 Once arriving at the airport, passengers will submit the declaration to the medical quarantine department. They will be required to supplement here if any information is missed. From March 10, passengers coming to Vietnam can declare their health status online.

 After health declaration, passengers are directed to another area to check the body temperature automatically.

 Here, the machine will scan the passengers body temperature.

 Then, passengers start procedures to test for nCoV.

 Medical staff give instructions and explanations on filling out the test form.

 The competent force is always on duty to ensure security around the area where the samples are taken and the area of passport checking.

 After filling a health form, passengers will be taken samples for testing.

Passengers from four countries hard hit by Covid-19 (China, South Korea, Italy, Iran) and Europe are taken to quarantine centers immediately. Based on the information from border police and from medical declarations, all other passengers will be considered for medical isolation.

 After being taken the samples, passengers will go to a separate waiting area.

  A passenger from China having to undergo quarantine waits in the designated area.