Jun 08, 2017 / 10:46

Minimized Venice in Hanoi small alley

The Hanoitimes - At the small alley in 68 Yen Phu (Tay Ho Distric, Hanoi), antiquated walls full of adversting junk now wear a new unique “coat”.

This is the first alley in Hanoi wearing giant 3D paiting. The paint reminds bypassers of minimized Venice.
With the area of more than 50m2, the paint sketchs a corner of dreamy Venice. The author is no one but a group of young painter “AQ wallpaper painting”. Sharing about the inspiration for the work, Mr Nguyễn Văn Thắng (one member in group) said: To make better space in front of the house, Ms Nguyễn Thị Oanh ask the group for a painting. Then, surpirsed with the “new wind” brought to the alley by the painting, nearby household support the group continúe to draw in surrounding walls.
“At first, I was completing the painting of boat and river when the nearby houseowner offer our group to draw theirs wall. That’s a nice memory”, Mr Nguyen Van Thang shared.
The small alley turned to be more spacy thanks to vivid wall painting. All the residents here are attracted by the giant 3D picture. Made from 3D Arcylic color with duration of 10-20 years, the painting is well layed-out, minutely and honest.

Beaming with the happiness, Mr Nguyen Trong Lieu (at 68 Yen Phu alley) said:  “Innitial ideal is that my daughter want to change the frontage space. Since the birth of the painting, my alley look clearly better, people find it a small happiness”.
Almost all the alley’s residents are amazed with the lively beauty brought by the wall painting.
Mr Nguyen Van An (resident) shared: “ When the walls are painted, I’m absent from home for medical treatment. When comeback, I was very surprised with the new look of the old alley, think I get lost. My plan is to ask young artists to continue with those paint until they finnish”.
“As an painter, I’d love to make up for the face of Hanoi street more, especially for old narrow alleys of Hanoi, the uique feature of the city. I hope for a more lovely Hanoi”, Mr Nguyen Manh Quang (leader of the AQ wallpaper painting group) said.