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Unforgettable memories of "Journey for recovering memories"

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The Hanoitimes - On the occasion of 60th anniversary of liberation of the capital - October 10, Economic & Urban Newspaper organized online exchange with the theme "Celebrating 60 years of the Capital’s Liberation – Journey for recovering memories" on October 3.
The researchers of military and culture, soldiers in the former Capital Regiment - direct tookover Hanoi together to evoke atmosphere and heart of Hanoi's historic day.
Burst triumph  
Under the perspective of a researcher, Colonel, Dr. Tran Van Thuc - Chairman of the of History of French resistance (Institute of Military History Vietnam) said: The takeover of the capital is a process. Time and area management is a struggle. We can say that the preparations to take over the capital were prepared from suspension after the Agreement war in Vietnam was signed (effective from May 7/1954). Spread over 80 days fighting the enemy in every way, forcing the enemy to make the commitment. The comrade Vo Nguyen Giap, Le Van Luong Xuan Thuy Huu, etc. was elected Politburo directing the takeover of the capital. Early May 8/1954, Hanoi Party Committee meeting to discuss and decide major policy task of taking over tasks; Department of Defense military forces prepare to take over; Hanoi People prepare flags, slogans, welcome force and so on.
And on October 10, when our troops officially took over Hanoi, thousands of people have flocked to Hanoi Flag Tower area and the stadium. Red flag with yellow star is pulled to the top of the flagpole. Yes 15 hours on 10/10, the ceremony began, the Army National Anthem celebrated music; City Theatre whistle pulling a long recovery. Vuong Thua Vu comrades, on behalf of the Chairman of the Military Committee of the City read the call of President Ho Chi Minh.

Panorama of the online exchange. Photo: Pham Hung
Panorama of the online exchange. Photo: Pham Hung 
Recalling the day of taking over the capital, Colonel Yang Nirvana, Colonel Le Duy Tu, former soldiers Regiment 102 (Capital Regiment) still feel completely original. Nirvana Colonel Duong said Recalling those days, now I still feel touched by the burst of triumph of Hanoi. Perhaps that, more joy multiplied by the desire of people to have freedom of pent many years. After days occupied enemy, Hanoi was liberated as a significant historical event not only of the Party, army and people capital, which is the country, the entire nation. 
Adding a glimpse of "the people of Hanoi" on the day's history, culture researcher Jiang Quan said: The spirit of the Hanoi prepared to welcome troops to take over the capital raged. At that time, the unions in the city (enemy territory) came to see the "press officer blanket" campaign they stay with us; a face to meet women, relatives Southern Christian movement preparing for her son, "I'm where the Lord is there", has achieved important ... results. About the necessities, brothers athletes shopkeepers Dong Xuan market prepared rice, vegetables, food ... so when our army to have enough food in, food and supplies on the market, not to affect the credibility of the government ... "aircraft flying through the night on the street, you are nerve painter painting Uncle Ho, as the gate to welcome returning troops ... it can be said that, despite the negative silently but very thoughtful preparation "- Quan Jiang recalled. 
And the memories  
Share memories of 60 years ago, it remains in the capital, soldiers took over the past year is the people's feelings Hanoi. The initial surprise quickly passed, air battles and have fun together on a day to win then that together contribute to build Hanoi. Said the Colonel, Dr. Tran Van Thuc, although Hanoi takeover of peace and order, which is the greatest victory, but it does not mean that Hanoi is not severely affected by the war. And after ngay10 / 10, Hanoi had to rebuild. 
Seen from Kham Thien street, where he worked closely 65 years, researchers say cultural Jiang Quan: The city has been regarded as "the bottom of society" and enough nuance life, but it is here already arouse patriotism. Immediately after the liberation, this is also the place where the initial labor movement socialist youth Hanoi joining White culvert rehabilitation, new construction after Reunification Park, Co Ngu embankment (Ngu street now). Then, Kham Thien street was very heavy losses after B52 bombs in 1972. 
The next generation can hardly imagine that in that times, as the Colonel Nguyen Quang Potential - Deputy Chairman of the Veterans of Hanoi has good message: Liberation Day Craft, which is the result of 9 years of prolonged resistance, the infinite sacrifice of several generations, the younger generation must always respect that victory and constantly learning, mastering science arts, building a stronger country like Uncle Ho wanted.
By Tuan Minh
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