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Hanoi joyfully celebrated "Cultural Festival of Peace"

Updated at Sunday, 12 Oct 2014, 13:44
The Hanoitimes - On the morning of October 12, in the flower garden of Ly Thai To statue, Hanoi leaders has organized the "Cultural Festival of Peace" to celebrate 60th Anniversary of Liberation Day in the capital city (October 10, 1954 - 2014) and 15 years that Hanoi was named by UNESCO as "City for Peace".
Attending the ceremory, there were Mr. Nguyen The Thao - City Chairman, Ngo Thi Doan Thanh - Chairman of the city People's Council, Dao Van Binh, chairman of Ho Chi Minh Fatherland Front Committee and representatives of ministries and sectors, ambassadors, representatives from diplomatic missions and international organizations in Vietnam with numerous organizations, people's organizations, friendship associations at home and abroad and more than 2,000 people of the Capital. 

Before the opening, Mr. Nguyen The Thao, Ms. Ngo Thi Doan Thanh, representatives and leaders at all levels, city departments have offered incense in memory of King Ly Thai To - who had laid the foundations of the ancient capital of the Republic of Vietnam, Hanoi - the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the heart of the country. 

Lãnh đạo thành phố Hà Nội thành kính dâng hương trước tượng đài vua Lý Thái Tổ
Hanoi leaders respectfully offer incense before the statue of King Ly Thai To
Addressing the opening ceremony, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen The Thao has warmly welcomed and thanked the leaders of the Party, State and Central Government agencies, Ambassadors, representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations in Hanoi to attend and gentlemen attended this important event.
Chairman Nguyen The Thao has highlighted significant "Cultural Festival of Peace" - practical event that Hanoi celebrate 15 years of honoring "City for Peace" and the 60th anniversary of Capital's liberation. Comrade stressed that over thousands of years, with a history of ups and downs, Thang Long - Ha Noi has always been a meeting place and cultural crystallization of Vietnam with traditional culture, humanity and peace-loving.
Chairman stated that 15 years ago, on July16, 1999, at the City of La Paz (Bolivia), UNESCO awarded Hanoi with the title of "City for Peace" - This is the recognition of the community international to Hanoi on: equality in the community; Urban construction and environmental preservation; Promoting Culture - Education; Care for civic education and youth; Beliefs, aspirations of ethnic peace in Vietnam in general, Hanoi's people in particular.

City Chairman Nguyen The Thao spoke at the opening ceremony

Chairman Nguyen The Thao affirmed that inspite of many difficulties and challenges and what are not satisfied; Hanoi has transformed itself, really is the center of politics, economy and culture of the country, where the convergence of cultural essence of thousands of years of culture, the city is on track to dynamic development and always strive for the goals of peace, prosperity, justice, charity. 

Chairman stressed the last few days, Hanoi is honored and proud to celebrate 60 years of the Capital Liberation Day, the 15th anniversary of the UNESCO Hanoi honor "City for Peace". This is a milestone and an important driving force to promote Hanoi continuing the good tradition, the outstanding achievements of the Capital in the process of renewal, peace, prosperity, trust worthy to be loved and hope of the nation and the international community. 
On this occasion, on behalf of the government and people of Hanoi, Chairman Nguyen The Thao expressed deep gratitude to the international friends who were always companions, supporting and helping Hanoi in recent years. Agreements with the international community in any circumstance will always strive for peace, prosperity, justice and charity to deserve the title, but the international community has donated; and to the title of "City for Peace" was brilliant. 
City Chairman sent to international friends a message about Hanoi thousand years of civilization, the city of peace, elegant and talented people of Thang Long - Hanoi, a dynamic Hanoi on track development; along with the country and people of Vietnam, will always stand, companion on the way of building lasting peace on earth, solid foundation for sustainable development and prosperity. 
On this occasion, Hanoi People's Committee has announced its decision to honor "Honorary Citizen Hanoi" for citizens of 12 countries around the world, for contributing to the Capital building. 
Next, the city leaders and deputies and the strata capital took to the streets for peace walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. 
According to organizers, on the "Cultural Festival of Peace" for Hanoi celebrating 15 years of honoring "City for Peace", there will be cultural activities, art performances and exhibitions showcasing the products domestically and throughout the world and so on until tonight. 
The followings are some pictures from Economic & Urban reporters in "Cultural Festival of Peace"


By Nguyen Ngan
Photo: Pham Hung - ktdt.vn
Hanoi's autumn tone (01 Oct 2014)
Vivid Hanoi in celebration of 20th anniversary of "City for Peace" title
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