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Six coffee shops overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake

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The Hanoitimes - When the roads around Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake) in Hanoi turn into pedestrian zone every weekend, those places are more hunted.
 (9 Hang Khay Str, Trang Tien ) Overvewing Hoan Kiem Lake, L'Etage is a great site for people who love to sit at airy corner. From the balcony, you can see the Turtle Tower and Ngoc Son Temple. L’etage also serves egg coffee which is mixture of egg cream, milk and coffee, a signature drink of Hanoi. Fresh fruit juices are also worth trying.
Rewind cafe
(11B Hang Khay Str). Lying nearby L’etage is a new corner for Hoan Kiem lake view's lover. Opening several months ago, Rewind’s owners pursuit English-elite drinking style with modern wooden floor, white furniture. Especially in the corner is little balcony for sun and wind bathing, often out of seat. Modelling afternoon tea custom of English, the shop serves tea and cake in meticulous set and also uses clotted cream, unique ingredient in tea making.
Đinh Café (Dinh Café)
(13 Dinh Tien Hoang Str.) This is a familiar address of the people who love coffee in Hanoi, the shop is listed in the list as the oldest cafe in Hanoi, and with egg coffee is the most prominent dish. Dinh Café is located on the second floor with no signs or signboards. To reach the coffee shop, you have to go through a tiny alley with narrow wooden stairs and a bit dark. Small space, on the wall hung the black and white photos and a few paintings sketch, when suddenly stepped in, will give the feeling old and nostalgic.
The Note coffee
(64 Luong Van Can)
The space with unique theme of getting you to leave notes stuck to the walls, roof, lights or anywhere. Along with warm coffee and sweet cake are untold little notes everywhere. This is a gorgeous place to relax, contemplate life or simply have a nice catch up with friends, new and old. The two balcony on the second and third floor give you broad look to Hoan Kiem lake and Thuy Ta restaurant in opposite.
Highlands on Shark Jaw Building
Highlands is a famous coffee shop chain in Vietnam, probably common to foreign and Vietnamese people. The view here is said to be “extremely beautiful”, because it is located on the third floor of Shark Jaw Building, covering the entire Hoan Kiem Lake. Although located in such a beautiful site, the price of drinks is no higher than other chain stores. The most popular drink is probably peach tea with lemongrass, with its chilled tea and cool bar and several pieces of peach crisp, fragrant.
The space of the restaurant is clean, which was very nice decor, very comfortable and pleasant and the outside is the balcony that to be able to see Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake) and is looking down the stream of people walking down below. Come here on a winter morning, watching the mist spread around the lake and feel the cold breeze of the winter will make any negativity goes flying out.
Hanoi Time cafe
(39 Dinh Tien Hoang Str.)
From the distance, you will see the prominent bar with a brilliant orange-yellow tone. Hanoi Time style is very ….Hanoi. Space is simply furnished, bring slightly nostalgic but extremely cozy. Entering the restaurant must go into a narrow alley, step up the stairs through paintings about Hanoi is painted beautiful and meticulous.
Stepping through the door, you like to be back in time to the old days, with rustic wood furniture, the paintings are hung on the wall in a random direction, bearing the stamp of the days of old Hanoi. The balcony is the perfect people-watch spot and Egg coffee here are highly rated by foreign travelers.
Cam Anh
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