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Zoom in the first café in Hanoi with robot waiter

Updated at Tuesday, 26 Dec 2017, 10:26
The Hanoitimes - This robot waiter is currently attracting curiosity and attention of many people.
Recently, in Hanoi there is a café with robot. This interesting waiter causes attention of many guests, especially the young.
The idea of ​​bringing robots to business, in particular as serving staff like this has appeared in several countries around the world, but in Vietnam, it is still very new and unique. Perhaps this is what made special characteristic of this robot cafe.
The robot is called Morta with 1.3m high and weighs 20kg. Morta can move himself, bring drinks to guests, avoid obstacles on the way and say some simple sentence such as "Let’s drink, please", or more humorous if encountered object "boiling water, boiling water, give way to me, please" ...
Another interesting point is that the robot can also express the state of blushing, blink, blink of an eye ... which is extremely cute and interesting.
This Morta robot is programmed to follow the available paths on the floor to reach the tables. To bring drinks to the customer, staff will have to put the drinks on it and press the select button, then the robot shall automatically go. After the items arrive, the customer takes their drinks, the robot will automatically return to his place.
Speed of this robot is quite slow, but customers do not feel bothered as he is now still attracting curiosity of many people. It can be said, at this time, he is just for fun.
The space is decorated in galaxy style, creating a sense of science and space, customers are like the galaxy explorers with robots.
However, drinks here are not very unique. In addition to the items named after this robots like robo cafe and robo milk tea, most of the other drinks are often found in many other café. The taste is also nothing outstanding. Price for most drinks here is around US$ 2.
In addition to drinks, snacks are also sold to customers in need.
Currently, this new opened café has just a Morta robot to serve. Besides, the staff here is still very crowded, enthusiastic and funny.
According to the review, most customers choose to come here as their curiosity to see how the robot waiter will look like. If there are many more robot and the drink quality is improved, perhaps this cafe shall be more popular in comming time.
Cam Anh
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