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Hanoi’s history through photos

Updated at Thursday, 24 Oct 2013, 16:16
The Hanoitimes - A Hanoi of the past centuries was on display through old photos at an exhibition entitled "Hanoi in the past”.

The following are photos of Hanoi in the old days:

Hanoi viewed from above. The north is the Old Quarter area and the south is new architectural work during the French occupation.

The panorama of the city centre observed from City Hall to Hanoi’s cathedral

Tortoise Tower (Thap Rua) in the middle of Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake)has become a symbol of Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake in the early 20th century

The Huc Bridge-Ngoc Son Temple in 1884

The Huc Bridge was upgraded in the early 20th century. The scene of Ngoc Son Temple has been changed now.

Ngoc Son Temple in the early 20th century

Mot Cot (One-Pillar) Pagoda or (Dien Huu Pagoda), built in 1049 during the reign of the Ly Thai Tong King, is one of Hanoi’s symbols

Three door gate of Co Loa Temple (in An Duong Vuong Citadel).

Voi Phuc Temple

Three-door entrance of Quan Thanh Temple worshiping Huyen Thien Tran Vu Deity was located at Co Ngu Street in the past, which is now called as Thanh Nien Street (The photo taken in 1920)

Ngoc Ha Pagoda worshiping Huyen Thien Hac De located in Ngoc Ha Residence, Noi Canton, Vinh Thuan District

Quan Chuong Gate built in 1817

West Lake (Ho Tay) and Truc Bach Lake in the early 20th century

Parallel side houses of Lang Pagoda (Chieu Thien, Yen Lang Village)

Gate to the Temple of Literature (Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam)


Area in the central area of Hanoi

An internal gate of the citadel

Khue Van Cac (Pavilion of the Constellation of Literature) located in the Temple of Literature)

The Eastern Gate of Hanoi

The Hanoi Cathedral built from 1883 to 1886

The Western Gate of Hanoi

Hanoi’s beautiful women

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Vivid Hanoi in celebration of 20th anniversary of "City for Peace" title
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