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Showcase UK's education in Hanoi

Updated at Thursday, 15 Mar 2018, 15:31
The Hanoitimes - A series of events to be held by the British Embassy in Hanoi on Thursday and Friday this week will showcase the UK’s education.
As part of “Education is GREAT Britain” campaign to promote UK education to the Vietnamese public, a talk and reception on the theme UK Education: Unlock your potential, will take place at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Hanoi on 15 March.
The event will showcase the UK’s expertise in education and the outstanding quality of UK universities. According to the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2018, there are three UK universities in the top 10 and 7 in the top 50 globally.
The event will also be an opportunity to hear answers to a range of questions to help students prepare for their journey to the UK. They include scholarship opportunities, visa policy, the UK curriculum and cultural differences. The Embassy will also dispel some of the most common misconceptions about studying in the UK.
Speaking prior to the event, British Ambassador to Vietnam Giles Lever said, “We are very proud of our world renowned universities so we want to see more and more Vietnamese students studying in the UK. Experience has shown that many UK alumni, be it university graduates or post-graduates, go on to achieve huge success in their careers and that is because studying at our universities gives people the skills they need to truly unlock their potential.”
On an expert panel the Ambassador will be joined by Ms Mai Lan Van - UK Alumna, Top 30 under 30 (Forbes), and Mr Binh Le, a Chevening scholar. British Embassy staff working on visas will also be involved.
Chevening Youth Talk: MAKE YOUR NET WORK!
The Chevening youth talk will take place at Creative lab by Up, Hanoi Creative City, on Friday 16 March. This fun and active workshop is designed to develop young people’s networking skills, one of the most important skills for a successful career. The event will be run by Chevening alumni who will share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the next generation of future leaders.
While it is widely agreed that networking is an essential soft skill, it is often self developed or learned on the job by trial and error rather than being taught in school. In the UK, networking is an essential soft skill and companies often train their staff to be good networkers.
When Chevening scholars study in the UK they have a unique opportunity to attend a wide range of networking events with Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials and other Chevening scholars. These help equip them with effective networking skills and prepare them for career success when they return home.
So our Vietnamese Chevening alumni are now experts in networking and hold top management positions in a range of industries. Mr Luu Hoang Ha, a partner at VILAF, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Chief Economist, at the Development & Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN) and Ms Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Vice Dean, at the  International Law Faculty, Institute of International Relations, will introduce the concept of “social capital” and share top tips for effective networking.
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